Monday, 24 February 2014

Absolut - Insane Power Demo

'Insane Power Demo'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Punk, D-Beat, Thrash Metal, Blackened Punk
For Fans Of: Rammer, Nailbomb, Bible Thumper

Appropriately titled "Insane Power", Toronto band Absolut released this demo tape that's making me extremely excited to see what else they'll release next. Wasting no time by thrashing straight into the first track "burnt hell", Absolut makes great use of melodic guitar solos contrasted by howled vocals that sound like a faster, more unrelenting version of the backing vocals on the Urinals track "I Hate". Ending with an eery soundbite of an elderly couple having a discussion about death and destruction on a massive scale as the result of nuclear bombing, the demo appropriately imitates the chaos and devastation that follows large-scale war through it's almost black metal-esque brand of "corpse sound" strings accompanied by vocals that imitate the strangled shrieks of some post-war irradiated mutant. Insane Power is a short, but great demo and a very promising start for Absolut.

1. burnt hell
2. amnesia
3. savages
4. crisis