Saturday, 31 May 2014

Dionysus - Play Fast or Die, Eh

'Play Fast or Die, Eh'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Noisegrind, Blackened Crust
For Fans Of: Threatener, Anal Cunt, Filthy Christians, Agatocles

Do you have a low attention span? Are you constantly thinking "GET ON WITH IT FOR FUCKS SAKE" when listening to music? Do you also happen to enjoy strange, distorted blasts of chaotic noise? I would assume so seeing as you're on this blog, so do I have the demo for you! Sounding like the muffled coughing of Satan himself mixed with biting, lo-fi explosions of riffs and drumming, Dionysus is the side project of Toronto, Ontario band Gofuckyourself and have managed to create one nasty, albeit short-lived, racket. Some of the songs last about 2-4 seconds and are comparably the blackened crust equivalent of Charles Bronson's "412 Wolfpack"- Dionysus maintain a sense of humour about their music and have still created something pretty memorable (partially due to their hilarious choice of the demo's title and artwork) considering its a rough mix of their first demo. If you're in the mood for some extremely foreboding works of noise, grindcore, or blackened crust and have about five minutes to kill then I wholeheartedly recommend "Play Fast or Die, Eh".

1. The Time for Grindcore Is Now
2. Fuck You Nazi Bastards
3. D.I.Y
4. Antarctica Has More Grind Bands Than Quebec City (Anal Jackson)
5. Play Fast or Die
6. Deceiver (Napalm Death)
7. Andy Ringdahl's Pants
8. A Poop Deck Is Not What You Think It Is
9. War Is Horrendous (Sore Throat)
10. Exploding Rectal Carbuncles
11. Postage Sucks (Anal Jackson)
12. Rapist Die (Sore Throat)
13. Kick Justin Bieber In The Balls Until He Pukes

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