Monday, 30 June 2014

Gravekeeper - Self Titled

'Self Titled'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, Blackeed Doom Metal
For Fans Of: I Shalt Become, Black Houses, Moon, Sunn O)))

I'm pleasantly surprised to see such a great release to come from right here in my home of Ottawa, Canada in the form of Gravekeeper- a deliciously doomy and ethereal dsbm band. With all the instruments being played by one person titled "Gravekeeper" on their bandcamp page I'm wondering whether or not I can look forward to any live performances around the city by Gravekeeper this year- I certainly hope so. Gravekeeper cranks out some melancholy, lo-fi tunes with vocals that sound like a more muffled, slowed down version of Wrest's vocals in Leviathan, along with segments of haunting dark-souls-opening-theme-esque keyboard on tracks such as "Ex(ac)cept Death". I enjoyed the fact that Gravekeeper's songs are usually pretty short as well, I love the sprawling ten to twenty minute tracks that dsbm musicians like Xasthur create, but its nice to see musicians break away from the formula of a given genre- Gravekeeper did so wonderfully here as there's still plenty of range and flow in each song rather than just long, flat, overly drawn-out tracks with no real sense of motion to them.

1. In Fields of Death
2. My Headstone
3. Ex(ac)cept Death
4. Find Peace (In Demise)
5. Respite
6. Just As In Life
7. Alas, The Sun Shall Rise Tomorrow
8. Memoirs of a Gravekeeper

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