Monday, 14 July 2014

Akitsa - Triple Post

'Totale Servitude, Goétie, & Satanic Warmaster Split'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal, DSBM, Harsh Noise
For Fans Of: Gris, Leviathan, Falls of Rauros, Vlad Tepes

Montreal-based black metal duo Akitsa are one of the many overlooked gems in the Canadian metal landscape that come as a breath of fresh air once found. Akitsa are masters of lo-fi, punk/garage rock-influenced black metal that also occasionally borders power electronics and harsh noise (especially on tracks like Les Ruines De La Modernité), with downright primitive, ceaseless shrieks from O.T. (the vocalist) that really bring a sense of unquenchable blood-lust and anger that characterizes their work. Whether their song structure is reliant on pretty simple, alternating, almost doomy riffs, or extremely complex instrumentation that completely overwhelms at times, Akitsa does it so, so right- a hard thing to do when driving through multiple tempos, atmospheres, and various types of experimentation in my own opinion. Even Werewolf from Satanic Warmaster apparently liked their work so much he recorded a split seven inch album with them that I've included as well. Nowadays Akitsa is still together, however the members devote their time between other projects- especially with O.T. being the owner of Tour de Garde. Hopefully 2014 or 2015 will see a new full-length LP by Akitsa, but in the meantime here's their early work to enjoy.


Totale Servitude:
1. Au-delà Des Abîmes
2.  L'éveil Des Damnés
3. Les Secrets Du Désespoir
4. Le Massacre Des Puritains
5. Exaltation Du Maléfique
6. Odieuses Divinités
7. Rêveries Meurtrières
8. Les Merveilles De Belzebuth
9.  L'Hymne À La Mutilation
10. Tamám Shud

1. Ouverture De L'Esprit
2. Haine Et Vengeance
3. Les Opposants Brûleront
4. Revanche
5. Les Ruines De La Modernité
6. Affront Final
7. Hiérarchie
8. Pendaison De L'Humanité
9. Ôde Au Temps Passé
10. Dernier Souffle

Satanic Warmaster Split:
1. Akitsa -  L'hyperborée Ressuscitée
2. Akitsa - Vengeance Viendra
3. Satanic Warmaster - March of the Legion Werewolf
4. Satanic Warmaster - Six Million Tears
5. Satanic Warmaster - Taistelukenttien Kärsimykset

Totale Servitude Download    Goétie Download    Satanic Warmaster Split Download

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