Friday, 4 July 2014

Balcanes - Plataforma/Autopista


(Band Submission)

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Industrial, Psychedelic
For Fans Of: Swans, u n s e e n f o r c e, Thee Nodes

Balcanes is a really groovy four piece-noise rock band that couples their pieces of bizarre psychedelia with aspects of drone and noise extremely well- "Platforma" strangely enough reminded me a bit of Thee Nodes slowed down by about 300%. Based out of Spain, Balcanes are best described in their press note (written by a friend of the band) as a "band with a menacing industrial grumble. Balcanes music sounds like a dark and menacing product of ugly noise-rock and bleak industrial. With drums on repeat, manic echo-vocals, droning bass lines and skillfully arranged guitar destruction they create a unique blend of filthy, down-tuned and heavy music with some moments of sleazy psychedelics buried under their mush of devastating noise." Pretty well summing it up there, Balcanes (Balkans in English) released this two-track album on 7" vinyl which you can pick up at their bandcamp below and snag a download of the album for free- they'll be headed back to the studio again soon to record a four-track 12" so they're a band to keep an eye on if you're after some catchy, lo-fi noise rock.

1. Platforma
2. Autopista

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