Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cauterizer - Then The Snow Fell...

'Then The Snow Fell...'
Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Death Metal, Death Rock
For Fans Of: Goatpenis, Revenge, Altar

Despite the odd power metal-esque guitar solo on tracks like "Never Give Birth", Cauterizer are one hell of an ugly, primitive death metal band- which is just how I like my death metal. Grinding out this and only one other demo tape in Sweden during the early 90s, Cauterizer split up after about a seven year run (1989-1996) which is a real shame, they demonstrate some serious talent here and it would've been great to see their style and abilities expand. Oh well though, at least we've got this demo, and what a great demo it is. Working through about ten minutes or so of material, "Then The Snow Fell..." is a great piece of death rock with listerine-gargled vocals and bludgeoningly heavy string instrumentation while more subtle, not as in-your-face and insanely fast drums course by in the backdrop- they never really become full on blast beats.  I really enjoyed the death rock aspects of Cauterizer's work as well, bordering sometimes on death'n'roll I forgot that elements of traditional rock can work beautifully (I use that term loosely for what we're talking about here) when it's done with a measure of taste. Anyways if old-school death metal with a few twists sounds appealing to you then check out Cauterizer below.

1. Then The Snow Fell...
2. Open Your Eyes
3. Never Give Birth
4. The Last Things

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