Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Vapor Night - The Dirt Sea

'The Dirt Sea'
Vapor Night

(Band Submission)

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Drone, Shoegaze, Dark Ambient
For Fans Of: Luperci, Lurker of Chalice, Iyov, Austerity, Bitter Tree,

Coupling serene dark ambient with somewhat industrial clanging in the background amidst a wide array of other musical experimentation, Vapor Night have created a great mixture of relaxing, unsettling, uplifting, and melancholy all at the same time in "The Dirt Sea". With a total run-time of just under twenty six minutes, The Dirt Sea is a journey through largely grey and ambiguous landscapes with little room for light as the album artwork suggests. It reminded me a little of Sunn O)))/Ulver's "Let There Be Light" mixed with various aspects of Boards of Canada at times which is ironic because I thought that before I found out they're Scottish (from the Isle of Lewis). Overall the album is a great excursion through familiar aspects of drone, noise, and shoegaze but mixed together like few have before.

1. The Dirt Sea

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