Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Funeral Fog - Discography

Funeral Fog

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Black Metal, Blackened Thrash
For Fans Of: Mütiilation, Mayhem, Vlad Tepes, Darkthrone, Morbid, Akitsa

Funeral Fog sound like they were ripped straight out of the early Norwegian black metal scene among greats like Mayhem and Darkthrone, then planted about ten years after Varg killed Euronymous in Shédiac, New Brunswick, Canada. Like Akitsa, Skagos, Niflheim, and many others, Funeral Fog are another one of the weird gems of black metal that seem to pop up all over the country at different times, and Funeral Fog specialized not in Akitsa's brand of noise-influenced black metal, or the depressive suicidal black metal of Gris- Funeral Fog played a great brand of classically influenced blackened thrash metal and just straight up black metal. They definitely had the classic black metal vibe of Darkthrone and Mayhem in particular down, without sounding like they were just ripping them off shamelessly. Funeral Fog apparently only ever played one live show, in 2002 outside of Moncton, and broke up after eight years, and three official releases in 2007- but they've got a pretty sizable cult following in Canada and elsewhere. Who knows, maybe they'll get back together some day, but until then here's their discography to check out


- Winter Falls over the Northland (2003)
- Under the Black Veil (2003)
- Channelling  Ancient Shadows (2007)


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