Monday, 25 August 2014

Nassau - N A S S A U

'N A S S A U'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Psychedelic, Drone
For Fans Of: Pelican, Om, Earth, Zaum, Zoroaster

Nassau's album cover shown here tied with the self-descriptive phrase "minimalist drone" was largely deceiving based on what I expected- which was something along the lines of a Sunn O)))-worshiping, colossus of an album. Instead, what you get out of Nassau are some heavy, instrumental tracks based moreso around tasty, psychedelic riffs that don't feel too Sabbathy and dont get into the "BWAAAAAAA" aspects of Sunn's brand of drone whatsoever. The tracks move along at a great pace, slow but not insanely so as the low, tangy strings are complimented greatly by higher pitched tambourines and drumming. The album overall works well as a whole because of Nassau's use of variety- sure the overall concept and tone is the same but its interesting to see what kind of images and feelings that Nassau creates with different riffs and amount of reverb, layers of instrumentation, and electronica-esque manipulation at times. If you're into albums such as Earth's Thrones ad Dominions then I definitely recommend checking this one out, although don't expect the same riff repeating over and over and over again by any means like on T&D.

1. Cyclope
2. Nation
3. Royaume
4. 1
5. 2
6. Brouillard
7. Lovefingers
8. Royaume (reprise)


  1. hey Elek,hope you are doing great.seems ur!Very well written.Im truely impressed great job in the U.S meeting alote of really cool contacts.Having the time of my life,a guy in a band told me about ur was i floored,im mean im pretty far from ONT.miss u guys