Saturday, 16 August 2014

Nurse with Wound - Main Discography

'Main Discography'
Nurse With Wound

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Industrial, Drone, Dark Ambient, Noise
For Fans Of: Throbbing Gristle, Current 93, Coil, Boyd Rice, Sunn O))), Whitehouse, u n s e e n f o r c e

In the mood for something classic? Whether you're new to Nurse with Wound or you've been a fan for ages, their music is definitely worth checking out, or re-visiting from time to time. Formed in England, 1978 by Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heman Pathak, Nurse with Wound would eventually become a one-man band led be Stapleton (pictured). His music delves into a bit of everything if you look hard enough, the majority of Nurse with Wound however is pretty broody, dark, and seemingly self-loathing material that uses layers of everything from extreme to minimal electronic noise, drumming, and voice sampling. Nurse with Wound can be extremely jarring and hard to get through, but its usually pretty relaxing in my opinion; Stapleton himself once famously put on a "sleep concert" where audience members were given a bed, a blanket, and asked to sleep throughout the concert as much as they wanted while Stapleton "performed his dark ambient music live throughout the night manipulating and re-animating his own Nurse with Wounds records to colour and shape dreams in an avant - DJ somniloquy... accompanied by large film projections to enhance the experience". He's worked with some huge names over the years like David Tibet from Current 93, Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson from Sunn O))), Tony Wakeford from Sol Invictus/Death in June, and many others, but I've decided to stick to his main, non-collaborative releases for this post.There's a lot of material in this download- over fifteen hours in total, so to help get you started if you're completely new to Nurse with Wound I recommend referring to this pretty helpful (and accurate) flowchart that someone made.

- Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella
- To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl
- Merzbild Schwet
- Insect and Individual Silenced
- Homotopy to Marie
- The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion
- Spiral Insana
- Alas the Madonna Does Not Function
- Soliloquy for Lilith
- A Sucked Orange
- Thunder Perfect Mind
- Crumb Duck
- Simple Headphone Mind
- Shipwreck Radio Volume One
- Shipwreck Radio Volume Two



  1. I've only heard 'Homotopy to Marie' before so that flow chart is gonna be very helpful. Cheer man

  2. I have been diggin' a lot of Current 93 as of late, so might as well check out some NWW. Muchos Gracias.

  3. Hey, check this new NWW re-release :

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  5. This is much appreciated. Thank you.

  6. Soliloquy for Lilith is not included. Is it elsewhere?

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  8. Thank you so much!

  9. My lucky day. I've been looking for an NWW archive and here it is. And the link is active too! Thanks.


  11. Many thanks for the opportunity to find some of this amazing NWW music. I've been looking for some for a long time.