Monday, 29 September 2014

Destroyer 666 - Discography

Destroyer 666
1994 - 2010

Review by Elek Malcolm Madill

Genre/s: Blackened Thrash Metal
For Fans Of: Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, Toxic Holocaust, Sodom, Midnight, Skeletonwitch

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, Destroyer 666 are one of the many gems in the world of blackened thrash metal that if you haven't heard of, and you like blackened thrash, should listen to asap. Their blend of blackened thrash is the perfect mix of 80s German thrash mixed with the bands of the early Norwegian black metal scene, but this mixture of style changes itself around from album to album. For example, one album may sound more like just black metal, another might sound more like just thrash metal, the vocals change a bit along with the overall tone and atmosphere of each album, but overall remains fast and addictive throughout their entire body of work thus far. There really isn't one album in particular I can choose to recommend (which is why I'm posting their entire discography in the first place) but I will say that Satanic Speed Metal and Phoenix Rising are my own personal favourites.To (semi) steal something that Stephen King once wrote; Destroyer 666 songs are like potato chips, ya can't just have one- so if any of this sounds good to you so far and you download one or two of their albums don't say I didn't warn you if you get hooked.

- Six Songs with the Devil (1994)

- Violence Is the Prince of This World (1995)

- Unchain the Wolves (1997)

- Satanic Speed Metal (1998)

- King of Kings / Lord of the Wild (2000)

- Phoenix Rising (2000)

- Cold Steel... for an Iron Age (2002)

- ...of Wolves, Women & War (2002)

- Terror Abraxas (2003)

- Defiance (2009)

- See You in Hell (2010)



  1. Was in Melbourne this Destroyer 666 sightings. Thanks for this!!!

  2. exelente la discografía de destroyer 666 gracias

  3. TERROR ABRAXAS same link as ....of wolves (2002) pls fix
    great share Thx

  4. Muchas gracias,pero el link de Terror abraxas es el mismo de ...of Wolves, Women & War (2002).