Monday, 22 September 2014

Diocletian - Doom Cult

'Doom Cult'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal, Blackened Grindcore
For Fans Of: Blasphemy, Xasthur, Nyogthaeblisz, Belphegor, Witchrist

The best way I can think of describing Diocletian is that they sound sort of like a toned down version of Nyogthaeblisz through a Xasthur-y filter... if that makes any sense. I mean this in that Doom Cult is pretty damn raw and chaotic, but not to the extent of Nyogthaeblisz (then again few bands raw black metal or otherwise are) and the vocals are long and wailing somewhat like Malefic's, but again not to the same extent. Don't get me wrong though when I say "not to the same extent", this is still some seriously gnarly, ear-gnashing stuff that definitely seems to have influences from grindcore- especially with the use of samples from various horror movies (and elsewhere). I've gotta say, I'm becoming more and more impressed with New Zealand's music scene as time goes on, they really seem to have a knack for churning out some blisteringly fast, chaotic music- in this case they've done so in the form of "war metal" as some people like to call it, unlike Slavedriver's chaotic hardcore. If you're looking for some tasty riffs shredded to inhuman speeds paired with some good ol' fashioned blast beats in the style of Blasphemy then look no further.

1. Doom Cult
2. The Iron Fist
3. Oath to Ruin
4. Deathstrike Overkill
5. Werewolf Directive
6. Antichrist Hammerfist
7. Bullet Vomited
8. Baphocletian
9. Heretics


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