Monday, 22 September 2014

The Wounded Kings - The Shadow Over Atlantis

'The Shadow Over Atlantis'
The Wounded Kings

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Doom Metal
For Fans Of: Reverend Bizarre, High Priest of Saturn, Lord Vicar, Windhand, Electric Wizard

Lurking in the shadows of other modern British doom metal titans such as Electric Wizard and Cathedral, the Wounded Kings are most easily comparable to these bands of their countrymen while still holding a level of individuality. Their songs aren't nearly as heavy as Electric Wizard though, so if you're looking for some seriously ear-pulverizing stuff like Conan than you'd best look elsewhere. The Wounded Kings do have heavy segments, but the majority of their songs are focused around slow, methodical riffs that follow more of a psychedelic vibe rather than full on weighty doom- I really enjoyed their use of piano in most of their tracks as well as transitional tracks of pure piano that last about two minutes or so, they worked really well to break up the sprawling ten minute doom odysseys that make up the rest of the album. The album has an overall very dreamy feel to it, all the aspects of it are strangely soothing and work together really well to achieve a pretty ethereal tone a la High Priest of Saturn. The Wounded Kings are a bit of a refreshment from the extremely heavy doom that although I love can get a little tiring at times- so throw on The Shadows Over Atlantis and feel yourself drift away.

1. Swirling Mist
2. Baptism of Atlantis
3. Into the Ocean's Abyss
4. The Sons of Belial
5. Deathless Echo
6. Invocation of the Ancients


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