Tuesday, 7 October 2014

NON - Physical Evidence

'Physical Evidence'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial
For Fans Of: Whitehouse, Ramleh, Mauthausen Orchestra, Sutcliffe Jugend, Nequam Sonitus

First things first, I'm just gonna bring up this photo and get it out of my system, because otherwise I'm gonna be writing while trying not to think about the fact that Boyd Rice owns a tiki bar in Denver, Colorado called "Tiki Boyd's" and won a blue ribbon (as pictured) for his tiki jello mould at the Denver county fair. Alright, now that that's settled I'll also say that I hadn't posted anything classic in a while so I thought I'd throw up NON's "Physical Evidence", an oldie but a goodie. Beginning with snippets of nearby conversation between strangers, Physical Evidence sounds like sitting in the middle of a tornado while on lsd. It's a cranky, mean, and downright horrendous thing to expose yourself to, but that doesn't mean it isn't amazing in it's experimentalism and exploration of rising tension that works itself up through the first five tracks, only to transform into other forms of stylistic experimentation. It's a live recording from their performances at Kelbos in Los Angeles, SO 36 in Berlin, the Film Makers CO-OP in London, Bains Douches in Paris, Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf, and the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood. Physical Evidence is, like I said, an indisputable classic in the realm of noise and power electronics, and if you haven't already enjoyed it before you can grab it below.

1. The Surface Runs Deep
2. Going, Going, Gone
3. Into Thin Air
4. Defenestration
5. Opening
6. There
7. That's That
8. In The Room
9. Physical Evidence
10. Man Kills Self While Cleaning Gun
11. Inside Out
12. Carnis Vale