Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Wandering Midget - Double Post

'Double Post'
The Wandering Midget

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Doom Metal
For Fans Of: Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar, Frown, Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus
Favourite Tracks: The Serpent Coven, Family Curse, She-Wolf

The Wandering Midget are one of the many Finnish doom metal bands that follow in the steps of the great Reverend Bizarre, carrying on the traditions of silky-smooth, operatic vocals paired with not so much emphasis on heaviness a la Conan, but catchy riffs soaked in Sabbathian convention. I think that's the main difference between Reverend Bizarre and the Wandering Midget actually- while any doom fan can tell you that everything in the genre goes back to Sabbath, The Wandering Midget is a nice blend of the elements of Reverend Bizarre which they so clearly worship, as well as a flair for Black Sabbbath's more mellow songs like 'Solitude' and 'Planet Caravan'. And while it never actually gets into full-blown hippy-esque tones like those songs do, its pretty easy to see the inspiration- especially on tracks like 'She-Wolf' which I highly recommend. The songs are usually pretty damn long, but any fans of Reverend Bizarre should have no problem with this. I'd be extremely interested to find out what the inspiration for their name was as well... some sort of strange play on "the wandering Jew" myth I imagine, anyone with further info on it feel free to let me know in the comments, in the meantime though crank up the volume and sit back to some killer doom.

The Serpent Coven Tracklisting:
1. Pillars of Sapiris (1:13)
2. Taynia (10:50)
3. Family Curse (13:55)
4. The Thing From The Black Reef (9:59)
5. Bring Forth The Accused (9:51)
6. The Serpent Coven (8:24)

Total Run-Time: 53:36


From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams Tracklisting:
1. Prince of Fire (5:36)
2. Temples in the Sky (20:12)
3. She-Wolf (12:25)
4. Follow The Forest Lights (17:32)

Total Run-Time: 55:45