Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Toxic Holocaust - Only Deaf Is Real

'Only Deaf Is Real"
Toxic Holocaust

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
For Fans Of: Sodom, Midnight, Skeletonwitch, Venom, Inepsy, Slayer

With Toxic Holocaust currently on their first ever tour of Latin America I've been listening to this a lot lately and pining for them to play in Canada, more preferably Ottawa in particular. "Only Deaf Is Real" is, as you've undoubtedly figured out by now, is a live album, from their "Evil Never Dies" era when it was still only Joel Grind playing with a supporting band, and recording everything himself- before Nick Bellmore and Phil Zeller joined the band. The performance was apparently recorded in 2003 and wasn't released until later, and I'm certainly glad it was- it's a pretty good live recording, considering I'm not always crazy about live albums anyways. No however, Only Deaf Is Real is one of the good ones in my opinion, the songs are even faster than their studio versions (which is pretty damn fast considering how fast they already are) and I just really enjoyed the overall rawness of it. Also included on the album are three Sodom cover tracks (with Joel appropriately wearing a Sodom shirt on the cover) which are great as well- I'm a complete fiend for Toxic Holocaust and I can't wait to see what they'll release next, but for now it's cool to go check out their roots.

1. Fallout
2. Atomik Destruktor
3. Deathmaster
4. Metal Attack
5. 666
6.  Outbreak of Evil (Sodom Cover)
7. Witching Metal (Sodom Cover)
8. Burst Command Til War (Sodom Cover)



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