Saturday, 29 November 2014

Inepsy - Main Discography

'Main Discography'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill
Genre/s: Crossover Thrash, Speed Metal, Garage Punk
For Fans Of: Tiger Junkies, Midnight, Toxic Holocaust, Speedwolf, Absolut, Droid, Wesley Crusher, English Dogs
Favourite Tracks: Conspiracy WWIII, The Fury of Destruction

Back (once again) to the Canadian classics corner, I've got the main discography of one of my favourite Canadian punk/thrash bands. Active from 1999 to 2011, Inepsy have gathered a pretty loyal cult following about themselves from what I've seen over the years- likely because of their strange, but extremely well done, brand of crossover thrash with elements of raw punk. Although slightly cheesy at times with titles like "Rock 'n' Roll is the Only Way" and "10 Packs of Smokes", Inepsy's cheese is pulled off in a pretty good way, adding to the effect of the music in an almost Tiger Junkies-esque layer of sleaze you can't help but find attractive. It
also shows that they didn't take themselves amazingly seriously which I can always appreciate, I highly doubt I 'd be able to take tracks like "Bombshell Rock!" and the entire album "No Speed Limit for Destruction" seriously otherwise. Inepsy were great at finding a great balance between elements of classic rock and punk and throwing them into the context of crossover thrash, it makes all of their tracks go by easily, and makes them a load of fun to jam out to- you can't really go wrong with this one. I recommend checking out any of their albums, as well as the split they did with Toxic Holocaust back in 2010; their cover of Atomik Destruktor and Toxic's cover of Conspiracy WWIII kick ass.

 Post Includes:

Rock 'N' Roll Babylon (2003):
1. Who's Next?
2. Lost the Ride
3. R'n'R Babylon
4. The Aftermath of Progress
5. Street City Kids
6. Conspiracy WWIII
7. See You In Hell!
8. If You'll Die I'll Die
9. Born for the Road
10. We Are Here to Climb

City Weapons (2005):
1. Invading City Weapons
2. City Weapons
3. M.O.A.B.
4. Ride Til' I Die
5. Inferno Machine
6. The Fury of Destruction
7. Break the Chains
8. Bombshell Rock!
9. No Order! Disorder
10. The Last Call

No Speed Limit For Destruction (2007)
1. Rock'n'Roll Is the Only Way
2. No Speed Limit for Destruction
3. Among the Remains
4. 10 Packs of Smokes
5. Run Away...
6. Time Bomb
7. Warriors of the Wasteland
8. Fast Way to Die
9. Wild City Night