Thursday, 8 January 2015

Fuil na Seanchoille - Hunger

Fuil na Seanchoille

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal
For Fans Of: White Medal, Darkthrone, Caina, Akitsa, Hate Forest, Sump
Favourite Track: Night Descends

Seemingly experiencing a bit of overflow from the UK raw black metal scene, Fuil na Seanchoille is an Irish raw black metal band that uses a good deal of snarled vocals amidst a backdrop of static and hardcore influenced instrumentation. Unlike a lot of these bands though, I like Fuil na Seanchoille in particular because they- or I suppose I should say "he" seeing as it's a one-man band, approaches his music in a really well thought out way. Unlike a lot of more sub-par raw black metal releases that just throw a few incoherent tracks together without much order or sense (although I guess you could argue that that's "the point" of raw black metal) and get stale fast, Fuil na Seamchoille is a lot more put together you could say in their compositions. With Sump being the best example of this (occasional) stale incoherence (I love them and their good stuff does outweigh the bad but they've been guilty of doing it on more than one occasion) its always nice to see bands like Fuil bring something a bit different to the table. The methodology of Fuil na Seanchoille is a major component of Cormac's- aka "Satyrign" as he credits himself on his albums as Fuil na Seanchoille, music- instead of the blisteringly fast two minute tracks, if they're even that long that you'd get from bands like Sump, you'll find blisteringly fast five to nine minute songs with a touch of dsbm influence on 'Hunger' which really made it a memorable album to me, enjoy.

1. The Infinite Void (5:24)
2. Promethean Age (6:06)
3. The Crimson Hand (6:53)
4. Glasslands (6:59)
5. Night Descends (9:29)
6. Circle of Rape (4:06)
7. Anord Sigrai (4:28)
8. A Thousand Shades of Grey (7:43)
9. Outro (2:14)

Total Run-Time: 53:22


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