Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mur - Athabasca


Review by Elek Malcolm Madill

Genre/s: Drone, Atmospheric Black Metal
For Fans Of: Moloch, Sunn, Veles, Nurse with Wound, Black Houses
Fave Track: Dragged Across the Forest God's Teeth

Admitting from the get-go to be a conceptual album revolving around the "ecological relationship between the Northern grey wolf (Canis lupis) and the American Bison (Bison bison)" Mur has put together an amazing display of talent on Athabasca. I'm always hesitant with concept albums- most of them are hilariously bad if not done with a degree of originality and honesty, which Athabasca manages to do and then some. The band is the one-man project of Cam Sather, a Minnesota native who is probably one of the few people I've ever heard to progressively transition between avant-garde acoustics to black metal (track three) and not make me cringe insanely at the poor crafting and outright pretentiousness of it. But the peaks and valleys in tone that appropriately make use of rich, sunny acoustics while somehow naturally becoming frantic, Cascadian-inspired black metal is pretty great in my opinion. Yet that's also likely because Athabasca keeps it minimal (another wildly underrated trait in not just black metal but music in general I would say) and doesn't get off track from its original conceptualization- I wholly recommend this one for any avant garde or Cascadian black metal fans

1. Ungulate Flesh & Blood (Stirring in the Herd)
2. Dragged Across the Forest God's Teeth
3. Athabasca (A Calf is Culled)

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