Thursday, 6 February 2014

Asbestos Death - Dejection & Unclean

'Dejection & Unclean'
Asbestos Death
1989 & 1990

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Doom/Stoner Metal, Funeral Doom, Blackened Doom
For Fans Of: Acid King, Bongripper, The Sabians

Eventually becoming the legendary stoner/doom band Sleep, the EPs Dejection and Unclean were the only two collaborations between Al Cisneros, Chris Haikus, and Matt Pike under the name Asbestos Death (afterwards changing their name to Sleep). The atmosphere of both albums is extremely thick and lo-fi as untamed bass chords and the howling vocals of Cisneros and Pike kind of make the opening track "Nail" appropriate because it feels like one is being driven into your skull. Although largely disorganized and somewhat frantic compared to their much more mellow later work in Sleep, Asbestos Death sometimes borders on black metal especially on tracks like "Anguish", especially with it's vocals- and it's surprisingly good. All in all, if you worship the ground that these guys walk on like I'll admit I do because of Dopesmoker, or are looking for something new in your doom/stoner metal then I suggest you check out Asbestos Death.


1. Nail
2. Scourge

3. Anguish
4. The Suffering


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