Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bone Awl - Meaningless Leaning Mess

'Meaningless Leaning Mess'
Bone Awl
Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal, Blackened Noise
For Fans Of: Ildjarn, Raspberry Bulbs, Toxic Holocaust

If you become interested in raw black metal, you're almost definitely going to come across the Navato, California duo Bone Awl- consisting of "He Who Gnashes Teeth" and "He Who Crushes Teeth". In some sense Bone Awl is pretty much what would happen if black metal and grindcore had a child seeing as the black metal lo-fi aesthetic is there to an extreme extent; sounding like it's been recorded on someone's phone, recorded again from that recording on someone's computer mic, and then recorded off of that recording, while being played through a walkie talkie, onto someone else's phone- all while giving a feeling of unstoppable, chaotic power in any one of it's short and insanely fast songs. Sure to make you a little deaf for the rest of the day if you listen to it at an even somewhat high volume (or even next few days at an unreasonably high volume like I did once), Meaningless Leaning Mess is a masterpiece of raw black metal.

1. These Days Are Marked
2. Pendulum
3. One Nothing Between
4. The Last Things
5. It's All Earth
6. The Great Violence
7. Without Hesitation
8. Smiling Star Wide
9. I Am Only Alone
10. Head of Silence
11. Will A White Face
12. Gray Heaps That Never Rot
13. Meaningless Leaning Mess
14. Crowned In Martyrmony
15. Big Decisions
16. Black Wings
17. Be Still
18. The King In Red


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  1. Wszystko na tym blogu bardzo mi się podoba. Na pewno bardzo często będę na niego wchodził.