Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Om - God Is Good

'God Is Good'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Stoner/Doom Metal
For Fans Of: Acid King, High Priest of Saturn, Sleep

"Hayya Allah Salah" bellows Cisneros as God Is Good's opening track "Thebes" kicks into full gear and you begin a musical experience quite unlike any other. Formed as the musical project of Sleep's Al Cisneros (and initially Chris Haikus before his departure) Om carries on in the tradition of Dopesmoker by leading you on an epic journey through the sands of ancient Middle-Eastern holy lands, while lyrically drawing on themes from Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism- and all while also managing to shell out some heavy as fuck doom. Although extremely slow and thematic (again carrying on in the tradition of Sleep) God Is Good manages to keep your attention throughout it's run time of about thirty five minutes, mainly due to excellent use of drums on the part of Emil Amos. Al's signature bass riffs are there, but it's the drumming carries you through much of the experience and gives the album a sense of fluidity and motion while also being backed up by traditional Middle-Eastern and Indian instruments- that actually work extremely well with the doom/stoner genre the album still inhabits. All of this said, God Is Good never really feels like too much at once or that it's trying too many things at once, it remains organic and unforced throughout it's entirety. If you're interested in a somewhat of a new spin on an old genre like doom/stoner, then I can definitely say that God Is Good is for you.

1. Thebes
2. Meditation is the Practice of Death
3. Cremation Ghat I
4. Cremation Ghat II



  1. I bought the vinyl and it didn't come with a DL code. Thanks!

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