Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Vudmurk - Sleep Until It Hurts You

'Sleep Until It Hurts You'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal, Blackened Noise
For Fans Of: Ildjarn, Leviathan, Bone Awl, Lil' Ugly Mane

As a fan of the cult rapper "Lil Ugly Mane" I was kind of surprised, but at the same time not really, to discover that he used to be in a black metal band after seeing a video of one of his live performances where he was wearing an "Incantation" shirt. After that a friend told me about his band Vudmurk, and here we are- I figured it was worth posting, although its only one song that lasts about ten minutes its a pretty good piece of raw black metal by someone I never would've expected to have recorded anything of the sort. In his own words: "Uploaded due to demand for it and for people that have been curious about the “black metal band” i was in, due to a vague remark from a fader article like 2 and a half years ago. well. here it is, the “band”, consisting of me. recorded on thanksgiving 2007. with a weird fake ibanez looking guitar, a dr,rhythm drum machine, a plastic karaoke mic and a 4 track. 2 1/2 songs. have at it."

1. Sleep Until It Hurts You

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