Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ildjarn - Nidhogg


Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal
For Fans Of: Sort Vokter, Burzum, Bone Awl, Satanic Warmaster, Les Légions Noires

Haven't posted any classics in a while, so I figured I'd go for one of my favourites. Often overlooked in the early Norwegian black metal scene, Ildjarn was a one man band signed to Northern Heritage Records (Deathspell Omega, Pest Noire, Satanic Warmaster) who released some amazing lo-fi, downright scary raw black metal. Ildjarn - Nidhogg is a compilation of Ildjarn's collaborations with another one man band known as Nidhogg (named after the mythological Norse dragon) spanning from 1993 to 2003, along with some previously unreleased tracks. Originally playing in the band Thou Shalt Suffer which would later become Emperor, the man behind Ildjarn; Vidar Vaaer, ended going pretty much in the opposite direction that the other members of Thou Shalt Suffer took in Emperor- taking more of a hardcore punk inspired approach to black metal with fast, distorted, and short songs. Ildjarn's vocals sound like they're coming out of the cheapest amp imaginable while said amp is also being held underwater, backing up the overall "corpse sound" of the untuned strings and drum machine which would become the iconic norm for black metal to a large extent. If you aren't familar with any of Ildjarn's work and are a fan of raw black metal, then Ildjarn-Norse is pretty much mandatory listening in my own opinion- check it out below.

Eksistensens Jeger
2. Mørklagt Sti
3. Svarte Hjerter
4. Nattens Ledestjerne
5. Natt Og Tåke
6. Bak To Lysende Øyne
7. Svart Dag (The Nothingness)
8. I Anmarsj Gjennom Grangrunn
9.  Ved Tjernets Bredd
10. Vintermark
11. Skogens Hatefulle Skapning
12. Skogen Av Jern
13. Untitled 

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