Sunday, 27 July 2014

Absolut - Punk Survival

'Punk Survival'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: D-Beat, Raw Punk, Crossover Thrash
For Fans Of: Venom, The Comes, Perfume River, Gauze, +HIRS+, Midnight

Wasting no time from the get-go you're assaulted on Toronto, Canada band Absolut's "Punk Survival" with chaotically fervent thrash metal-esque shredding that moves through peaks and valleys of solos, riffs, and tempos- all of which never drop below a level of insane volume and speed. Said shredding is also backed by great drumming that moves by crisply as pained vocals reminiscent of Doom's classic "Police Bastard" make for some intense listening. I once heard a pretty accurate description of Absolut as "Scandinavian inspired D-beat if it was filtered through Japanese hardcore. This shit is loud, scuzzy and ear crushing in its overwhelming wall of sound but with a driving intensity you can’t help but destroy shit to and holy Jesus fucking Christ can their guitarist thrash I can assure you that live these guys are on another level."After seeing them play live myself not long ago I can confirm that yes, their guitarist does indeed fucking rule- along with the rest of the band. So if you're looking for something to crank way up while you either chill out, or as the quote says, break some shit "Punk Survival" is the perfect album to do it to.

1. Life Sketch
2. Black Void
3. You're Fraud
4. L.C.D.
5. No Limbs (Crucifix Cover)
6. Tiring Plant
7.Neo Fuckers
8. Fucking Pain
9. Loveless Noise


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