Friday, 4 July 2014

Promethean Cloud - Bitter Tree

'Promethean Cloud'
Bitter Tree

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Post-Rock, Drone, Post-Metal
For Fans Of: Echthros, Earth, Om, Luperci, Austerity

Yet another great release (by another one man band) from my home city of Ottawa- god I really hope this is the beginning of a trend. Promethean Cloud is an absolute monster of an album to get through but I really, really enjoyed it.  Working out to about an hour, the album is a very well crafted journey through very mellow, ethereal strings with a very "uplifting and spiritual undercurrent... continuously and creatively blended with field recordings, dispersed percussion, voice over recitals, and flamenco guitar" just as it's bandcamp page states. However Bitter Tree's work also has a very dark and abysmal side, moving through areas of pretty harsh drone-nearing industrial and downright creepy, very u n s e e n f o r c e-esque hissing melancholia. Promethean Tree sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a film collaboration between Ron Fricke (Baraka, Samsara) and Elias E. Merhige (Begotten, Din of Celestial Birds). If this means anything to you then first of all congrats, I enjoy your taste in film- but for those of you who don't it also has the entailment that its lengthy despite its quality so expect the experimental (ie. "Four Klingon Love Songs").

1. Faces of God
2. Icarus' Talons
3. Eris
4. Gods on High
5. Ahriman
6. Seisachtheia (Shaking-Off of Burdens)
7. Grace
8. Europa
9. Antarctica
10.Half a Beast (Is the Great God Pan)
12. Mountainheart
13. Tears of Croesus
14. Rheasilvia
15. 4 Klingon Love Songs

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