Friday, 4 July 2014

Slavedriver - Marauders of the Wasteland

'Marauders of the Wasteland'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Blackened Grindcore, Sludge Metal, Chaotic Hardcore
For Fans Of: Jesuit, Siberian Hell Sounds, Conan, Absolut

Starting off deceivingly slow with a soundbite declaring: "Quite an experience to live in fear isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave" Slavedriver, hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, crank out some tasty sludge-influenced tunes while also managing to keep things in the realm of grindcore/hardcore, and incorporate lots of great samples that work wonderfully with the overall production of the album and break up the segments of thrashingly fast, abrasive grind/hardcore which made it flow extremely well and was easy to listen to entirely in one sitting. Weaving in and out of thrash metal-esque guitar solos and vocals sounding like they came straight from the mutants pictured on the album cover, the outright bludgeoning weight to the songs reminded me quite a bit of Conan as, like I said with them being pretty sludge-influenced before, although not nearly as long or drawn out- this is some to-the-point, all killer no filler work that I seriously recommend checking out.

1. Omens
2. Iron Jackals
3. Copperheads
4. Drone of Cogs and Locusts
5. Marauders
6. Out Of The Vault
7. Of Marrow And Hate
8. Gnashing Teeth
9. Synaxis of a Pariah


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  3. Thank you for the kind words! Cheers!

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