Friday, 29 August 2014

Droid - Malfunction


Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Speed Metal, Thrash Metal
For Fans Of: Voivod, Cauldron, Exciter, Razor, Vektor

Firstly, I'll admit I'm going to see Droid on this coming Tuesday at House of Targ here in Ottawa along with some other awesome Canadian metal bands (Spell, Funeral Circle, and Barrow Wight) and I'm pretty excited- so that's why I'm posting this one at this particular time. Droid play some awesome thrash/speed metal tunes in the style of other Canadian greats such as Voivod and Razor, with a great flair for science-fiction themed songs like Voivod as well. Although unlike Voivod, Droid's discography isn't an insanely daunting task to start working through seeing as this is the only official release they've got thus far. Malfunction is pretty short, but its definitely worth a listen if you're into speed or thrash metal, however I am hoping though that they show off a few new songs when they play live on Tuesday. Droid have got a really classic charm to them, they're pretty straightforward and easy to get into which I found really enjoyable, its also kinda neat that they're from the same province as me- not all that far from where I grew up actually, I'm looking forward to future releases by Droid

1. Subterranean Termites
2. Zenith in Red
3. Voice of Reason
4. Ceres Solution


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  1. This release is virtually impossible to find, either online or through a digital/ physical distro.... Any chance it could be upped here? Long time reader, first time poster/ beggar... thanks in advance.