Thursday, 14 August 2014

Keeper - MMXIV


Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

(Band Submission)

Genre/s: Funeral Doom, Sludge Metal

For Fans Of: Dragged Into Sunlight, Acid Witch, Drug Problem, Conan, Mountain Dragger

While typing in the "for fans of" section of this review I realized that the term "drag" popped up a couple of times, which is ironic because MMXIV by California band "Keeper" creates the sensation of being slowly dragged through black and abysmal waves of insanely heavy riffs that rival Conan themselves- you thought I was going to say that MMXIV IS a drag to listen to didn't you? It's pretty much the opposite actually, MMXIV is a bone-crushing, blood-drinking, ear-splitting monster of an album that again, drags you along through a landscape of slow and faded riffs sounding like they're coming from an even louder source somewhere far in the distance, while crashing drums and broken glass gargling, and somewhat Gaahl-esque vocals tie everything together into one beast of an album. The album goes on for almost an hour until the last track withers away calmly, quietly, and somewhat unexpectedly- leaving only a silence that left me with a craving for more.

1. Hours. Pt. 1
2. As It Needs To Be...
3. Perception/Prescription
4. Admittance
5. All It Needs To Be... Pt. 2&3


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