Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cirrhus - Self Titled

'Self Titled'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal
For Fans Of:  Furdidurke, Raspberry Bulbs, Sexdrome, Early Burzum, Grafvölluðr

What I really enjoy about Cirrhus is that their music is very clearly inspired by Burzum, especially "My Journey to the Stars" from what I can tell, and they manage to transmit this inspiration into something melodic along the lines of the song's infamous riff, while still managing to be pretty damn raw- not quite in the style of Bone Awl or Raspberry Bulbs with their high(er) amount of inspiration from punk, but still a good coupling of the lo-fi and melodic. Cirrhus don't make things nearly as bare and desolate as bands like Bone Awl and other raw black metal bands, don't get me wrong I'm all for that sound, but its nice to see a band like Cirrhus step up to the plate and offer something a bit new- its almost like raw black metal mixed with atmospheric black metal or DSBM. A combination like that probably sounds pretty strange or almost impossible to pull off well seeing as they're usually pretty much stylistic opposites, but  Cirrhus have managed to find a great middle ground between the two that can get into eight minute long sprawling tracks of lo-fi harmony that don't get boring at all in my opinion. The only real complaint I have about the album is that I was listening to it while working on my laptop and one of the effects the drummer managed to get out sounded exactly like the sound my external hard drive makes when it's unplugged so I kept looking over to see if it had fallen off the table or not- it was only after a few songs of this that I stopped myself and realized that I'm just a dumbass. There have been tons of awesome metal bands to come out of Oregon in the last decade or so, and Cirrhus is definitely up there with my favourites amongst them after this album, which is pretty impressive seeing as it's only their first full-length LP- I can't wait to see what they'll spit out next.

1. Night Falls and Bestows Insect Fixation
2. All At Once
3. Structure On Earth
4. Smallest View
5. Sharpened Spectacle
6. Among the Detritus


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