Monday, 8 September 2014

Wesley Crusher - Wasted Potential

'Wasted Potential'

Wesley Crusher

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Thrash Metal, D-Beat, Crossover Thrash
For Fans Of: Voivod, English Dogs, Droid, Inepsy, Minor Threat

Featuring members of Droid and Axxon, Wesley Crusher are a crossover thrash metal band with traces of d-beat thrown in here and there based out of Toronto, Canada. They're one of the many bands that "Hard and Heavy Records" are starting to sign and I'm really impressed so far with what they've got, if things keep living up to the standard of Wesley Crusher, Droid, and other bands like Spell, Funeral Circle (who I got to see live recently and were awesome) and Sweet Torment then I think they'll do pretty well for themselves. Wesley Crusher's music itself though is some pretty catchy, lo-fi thrash with strange hints of Minor Threat and Voivod influencing their songs. Vovoid especially have influenced their music from what I can telactually, with Jacob Montgomery bringing Droid's flair for sci-fi to the mix and assumingly being involved in naming the band after a character from Star Trek, and just the all around classic Canadian thrashiness of the album that harkens back to Vovoid once again. All in all, Wesley Crush is thrash metal some serious attitude, that doesn't just throw on some trucker hats with the lips bent up and pretend to be Municipal Waste, they've got an identity all their own and I'm it'll be an interesting journey to see how it fleshes out and develops.

1. Time to Stand
2. Nothing to Say
3. Riker
4. Sandy Kennedy Strikes Back
5. Rollback
6. Deathstar
7. Freedom
8. Wasted Potential (Potentially Wasted)
9. Guy on Spencer's Wall
10. Frontside-Backside

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