Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Blood of Ritual - Weeping, Kneeling

'Blood of Ritual'
Weeping, Kneeling

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Blackened Noise, Drone
For Fans Of: Nortt, Black Houses, Sunn O))), Godflesh, Jesu, u n s e e n f o r c e
Favourite Tracks: Visual Snow, Second Sight

Weeping, Kneeling's 'Blood of Ritual' accurately sounds just like one of their track names- the auditory equivalent of Visual Snow. The album cover gives a good summary of what you're in for on this one; pale, grey, and desolate soundscapes accompanied by the glacially slow and distorted wailing of what sounds like it could anything from horn to string instruments with the atmosphere of the album being so thick. I particularly recommend Blood of Ritual if you're a fan of Sunn and Ulver's 'Terrestrials' because it reminds me of it a fair bit- not to the point where I would say anything like Weeping, Kneeling simply copied what they were doing, but if you can vaguely imagine what Terrestrials would sound like if it was a lot more noise-oriented and flatter in terms of tonal range; it still has range, but being drone, it just takes a lot longer to get there and through it.

1. Bones Thaw (4:23)
2. Blood of Ritual (6:45)
3. Tremulant Skin (2:46)
4. Derealization (7:04)
5. Second Sight (3:58)
6. Visual Snow (12:58)

Total Run-Time: 37:54


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