Monday, 17 November 2014

Havohej - Black Perversion

'Black Perversion'

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Experimental Black Metal, Blackened Noise
For Fans Of: Beherit, Xasthur, Profanatica, Von, A Pregnant Light
Favourite Track: Black Perversion

Continuing my love of all things Hell's Headbangers, Havohej (Jehovah spelled backwards) is a one man experimental black metal/blackened noise project based out of New York City, and is also some pretty disheartening, dreary music- which is of course what makes so good. Starting out with a nearly ten minute blackened noise odyssey full of ghastly whispers and breathing alongside some minimalistic reverb, Black Perversion isn't terribly long seeing as its only an EP, but its lengthy transition into the chaos that is the second track, "Unholy Sodomy". Havojeh represents an often overlooked, or forgotten time in 90s black metal, whereas most people (including me, admittedly) immediately think of the classics from Scandinavia, there was some really weird shit going on in black metal scenes in the rest of the world- I would love to interview Paul Ledney; the mind behind Havohej someday.

1. Black Perversion (9:42)
2. Unholy Sodomy (1:59)
3. Mary Goddess of Shit (4:06)

Total Run-Time: 15:47