Sunday, 9 November 2014

Reverend Bizarre - Discography

Reverend Bizarre

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Doom Metal, Funeral Doom
For Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Witchfinder General, Lord Vicar, Saint Vitus, Cathedral, The Wandering Midget, Pentagram
Favourite Tracks: Cirith Ungol, Cromwell, The Gate of Nanna (Beherit Cover)

Okay I lied bit, you aren't going to find Reverend Bizarre's complete discography here- there is just waaaay too much to cover and my mediafire account is already starting to burst at the seams as it is, however if you're really trying to find something by them in particular then leave a message in the comments and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise though, you'll find their main releases including a few other treasures posted here. If you're completely new to doom metal as a genre then Reverend Bizarre is a great place to start- imagine silky smooth, operatic vocals paired with godlike riffs and drumming all put together in perfect unity and you'll have a vague idea of what Reverend Bizarre is like. Their songs and albums range from the epic, to short, to downright strange, but I recommend them regardless. Reverend Bizarre are a weird entry for sure in the history of doom metal, they approach their own flavour of doom in an often imitated, but never duplicated way. Their inspiration by classic black metal like Dunkelheit by Burzum and The Gate of Nanna by Beherit, both of which they've done cover songs of, really stands out in a unique way as well. They're certainly not the first to incorporate elements of black metal into doom, but like I was saying they do it in a way that I've never seen anyone else do before. In the words of Fergus Smith of Frown, who I interviewed a while back; "I worship all the Reverend Bizarre albums. Amazingly pure doom played with great skill and intelligence." I think he pretty much sums it up there, especially in relation to the intelligence that all of their albums are done with. Anyways, without further adieu, the main discography of Reverend Bizarre for your listening and pot-smoking pleasure can be found below.

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  1. Dooooooooooooom over the world!!!!!!

  2. I'm looking for the limited 7" "Ode for Tamara", that Albert Witchfinder recorded solo and was released with the die hard of "Magick with Tears"... if you could find a rip and post it.

    1. Contact Albert at for a copy! I have mine only as a tape, but I am sure some seven inches are still available, IF you just have enough money (about 45 euros). BTW: That bonus disc has songs "Bring me the head of Aldo Quisling" and "Voodoo Chile", but nothing about Odes or Tamaras. Don't know where you got that info.

  3. can u fix "Slice of Doom" link plz, is the same link of "In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend"

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  5. Hey men the links for the split with electric wizard is the same with III so long suckers... can you fix it plaese, and thanks for the post

    1. So is "Return to the Rectory"...

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