Sunday, 23 November 2014

War of the Roses - Self Titled

'Self Titled'
War of the Roses

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Raw Black Metal
For Fans Of: White Medal, Cirrhus, Wold, Bone Awl, Akitsa
Favourite Track: Plantagenet Rule

Based out of England, 'War of the Roses' (taking it's name from the infamous series of conflicts in High Medieval England) is the side project of White Medal's George Proctor, and it pretty much listens like an unreleased White Medal demo. That certainly isn't a bad thing by any means though, 'Plantagenet Rule' starts the album out strong with some sludge-drenched riffs whilst extremely White Medal-esque backing vocals carry into the remainder of the album. Some of the vocal effects, especially towards the end of Plantagenet Rule and throughout 'The Revolting South' play out in a somewhat post-black metal tone in that they're a bit experimental and Proctor managed to get some really interesting effects with the reverb. Beyond this, the slow, dreamy (or maybe nightmarish would fit better) minor track 'The Harvest of Heads' leads into the final track, 'Bastard Feudalism' where you're given a good auditory bludgeoning via fast paced, but extremely distorted strings, drum beats, and slightly more DSBM sounding vocals. I highly recommend this one for any fans of White Medal.

1. Plantagenet Rule (8:17)
2. The Revolting South (6:44)
3. The Harvest of Heads (2:23)
4. Bastard Feudalism (9:10)

Total Run-Time: 26:34


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