Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hate Forest - Battlefields

Hate Forest

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Black Metal
For Fans Of: Drudkh, Burzum, Blood of Kingu, Astrofaes, Winter
Favourite Tracks: Проведу я русалочку, Our Fading Horizions

 I'm not going to lie, one of my favourite albums, if not my absolute favourite album by Ukrainian band Drudkh (of which Roman Saenko has been in since 2004, two years before Hate Forest split up) is their purely acoustic folk masterpiece "Songs of Grief and Solitude". I find Roman to possess a special talent in transferring the cultural history and traditional music into the context of black metal wonderfully, and it's been done just as well, albeit much differently than in Drudkh with a borderline sludge element to it on 'Battlefields'. I've found Saenko's work alongside the other members of Hate Forest and Drudkh to have time and again given interesting contemporary musings on Ukrainian history and identity through the lens of extreme music, and experimentation- and I hope you enjoy the Battlefields, originally released in 2003, that I've posted here. Combing straight-up black metal reminiscent of Burzum and Emperor with the sludge aspects I mentioned, and short pieces of traditional Ukrainian folk singing as a segway between lengthy ten minute tracks, Battlefields was, and is, a landmark in Eastern European black metal.

1. У недiлю (1:56)
2. With Fire and Iron (9:12)
3. Проведу я русалочку (1:05)
4. Our Fading Horizons (10:32)
5. Колискова (2:00)
6. Glare over Slavonic Lands (10:18)
7. Поминальна (2:45)

Total Run-Time: 37:48


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