Monday, 9 March 2015

Mortuary Drape - All the Witches Dance

'All the Witches Dance'
Mortuary Drape

Review by Elek Malcolm-Madill

Genre/s: Black Heavy Metal, Funeral Doom
For Fans Of: G.I.S.M, Master's Hammer, Funerary Bell, Venom, Hellhammer, King Diamond
Favourite Track: My Soul/Primordial

Opened by cliche but pleasantly minimalistic revers Latin prayer to everybody's favourite fallen angel, 'All the Witches Dance' is a classic album with a somewhat misleading cover. When I say that I mean that although the work put into it (particularly the gawdy font at the bottom) is surpassed greatly by the skill and thought put into the album itself. The instrumentation on the second track, Primordial, sounds pretty punk influenced, which remains a presence throughout the remainder of the album, and thats what I think really sets this album aside, and why many cult metal and punk fans consider it a classic. That being said though, I don't want to jerk off an album like this too much, a lot of the tracks have a pretty demo-like quality which some people don't care for so I should mention that opinion on the album as well to be fair. All in all though I think if you're into anything from 80s era Japanese punk (the vocals reminded me of GISM a bit) to classic black metal like Venom and King Diamond then you'll probably get a good kick out of this album.

1. My Soul/Primordial (9:28)
2. Astral Bewitchment (5:48)
3. Funeral Chant (5:13)
4. Larve (5:32)
5. Tregenda (Dance in Shroud) (7:24)
6. 13th Way (3:52)
7. Intro (Chain) (1:26)
8. Medium Mortem (4:12)
9. Occult Abyss (6:56)

Total Runtime: 49:51



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