Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wømb - The Rope in Our Hands Stretched for Miles

'The Rope In Our Hands Stretched For Miles'

Reviewed by Elek Malcolm Madill

Genre/s: Black Metal, Raw Punk
For Fans Of: IldjarnFull of Hell, Gandr, Ride at Dawn, Bible Thumper, Bone Awl
Fave Track: This Lack of Light will Take Us Nowhere

So its kinda been a while since I did one of these, a lot longer than I intended it to be. My summer is finally starting to slow down a bit now though so I finally have the time to start posting again- I've been out of the musical loop for a while now but here goes nothing. Womb are a Portuguese black metal band with some pretty obvious hardcore influences a la Ildjarn- nothing particularly new or anything, but they bring a good level of talent to the playing field and put out a handful of ragers here for your punky black metal needs. They only released about 66 cassettes of 'the rope in our hands stretched for miles' but I'd seriously like to get my hands on one of them; Womb makes for a good and unchallenging listen if you're into raw black metal or blackened punk.

1. I Will Not Serve
2. Feral Authority
3. The Hand That Ties the Noose
4. Mother's Womb
5. Missing Sun
6. Autolatrous Cult
7. Song of the Syrens
8. This Lack of Light will Take Us Nowhere
9. Human Parasitism
10. I Bring the End
11. Upside Down Crosses



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