Sunday 6 October 2013

Siberian Hell Sounds - Siberian Hell Sounds

'Siberian Hell Sounds'
Siberian Hell Sounds

(Band Submission)

Genre/s: Dark Hardcore, Metalcore, Sludge, Doom
For Fans Of: Trap Them, Left For Dead, Black Breath, Cursed, Young And In The Way

Taking their name from the infamous 'Well To Hell' hoax, Siberian Hell Sounds are a three piece metallic hardcore band from my hometown, Brisbane, Australia. Embodying the darker elements of hardcore, and borrowing elements of their sounds from the more grim spectrum of genres (black metal, sludge/doom, grindcore etc etc), Siberian Hell Sounds' music should appeal to anyone with an appreciation of heavy music. There's plenty of awesome vocal work courtesy of the band itself and numerous contributors from the local hardcore/metal scene here, top notch riff work that goes from 'kvlt' to 'throwdown worthy' in the bat of an eyelid and a just this cool, dark, menacing aesthetic that I really dig. These guys have plenty of merch up for sale on their bandcamp, as well as a pay-what-you-want digital download of their debut release, go support some awesome talent and snag yourself some brilliant music while you're at it.

1. Bastard Machine
2. A Cold Presence
3. Infernal Hurricane
4. The Tallest Horn
5. Tension
6. Reign Of The Bastard
7. Streets Of Piss
8. Burning Breath/Exhale Death


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