Thursday, 1 September 2016


Jesus Was Born In A Mobile Home
Spike In Vain
1984-85 (?)

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Deathrock, Noise Rock, Post-Punk, Hardcore Punk
For Fans Of: No Trend, The Scam, Tar Babies, Saccharine Trust

Spike In Vain is easily one of the coolest, most underrated punk bands ever. Their iconic Disease Is Relative LP, sits in the nightmarish crossroads where Christian Death, No Trend, and Rudimentary Peni meet, feasting on corpses in rapturous, sardonic glee. Their second full length Jesus Was Born In A Mobile Home was released on cassette; and probably would've been lost to time...but thanks to the internet, knowledge of this elusive band and their material was exhumed, and given another life to wreak havoc once again.

Jesus Was Born In A Mobile Home picks up right where its predecessor left off, but has a somewhat different overall feel to it. The material is more cohesive, as though they took what they did on Disease Is Relative, and whittled it into a deadly point. Take that how you will, but I think this tape is just as good as the LP. Some of the tracks are live and demo recordings, however that doesn't take any of the bite out of this release. The music on here is truly deranged in a unique way, and it's honestly difficult to compare Spike In Vain to any other band(s)*, because none that I can think of -- before or since -- have matched their terrifying fusion of the caustic and macabre. In their own words: ugly and damaged.

Spike In Vain should be considered essential deathrock, up there with Part 1, Theatre Of Ice, Rudimentary Peni, etc.

1. Little Voice That Betrays
2. Rejected By Number Twelve
3. Ugly And Damaged
4. Glass Doorknob
5. A Grave Left Behind
6. You're Gonna Watch Me
7. Real Cool Time
8. Seconds
9. Lullabye Nocturno
10. Helga At The Square Dance
11. Deathstyle
12. Love Isn't Hollow


*aside from The Dark, which was essentially Spike In Vain with the members playing different instruments

I can't find credit for this rip anywhere, but to the hero who did this...fucking thank you.


  1. Wow, thanks for this!!!! I used to drink with Scott Pickering(the drummer on this tape?)when I still lived in Cleveland. Great guy, who played in some other killer bands like My Dad is Dead, Puff Tube, Supie T,Speaker/Cranker,etc., etc. Anyway to get an upload of Disease is Relative? Muchos Gracias!!!!!

    1. Oh shit, that's sick! I can definitely do that, I have a friend who recently ripped his copy and it sounds great.

  2. I keep seeing this song "party in the ground" that is apparently by Spike in Vain and off of "Disease is Relative". Any idea what release its from?

    1. It's possibly from the unreleased LP "Death Drives A Cadillac" or maybe one of the other projects members of SIV were a part of.

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