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These are important, and if you don't have them I may delete your email :(

- FREE MUSIC - I can't stress this enough. This is a site to benefit the artist as well as all the poor deadshits (such as I) that can't afford to drop money on music. Free or Pay-What-You-Want will do, BUT IT HAS TO BE AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE

- EASILY AVAILABLE - anything that'll allow an ENTIRE download of an album in one file. Bandcamp, mediafire, zippyshare, dropbox, opendrive any thing of that nature.

If however you don't meet these requirements and still want your band plugged in some capacity, take a look at the interview section below.

Not important, but you'll make us like you more

- BAND/PROJECT INFO - no need for a Tolstoy-esque epic, just a few quick bits on who you are, what you play and where your from. All that jazz.

- GENRES - if you frequent the blog, you'll know what we're about. There's also a thing on the sidebar that tells you. Basically anything that falls into those categories, with an emphasis on the unique, original, weird and downright ugly (especially the ugly).

Anything that contradicts the first to parts of this page, pretty much.
But also, here's a few genres we don't cover:
- Super polished/technical metal
- Goregrind/pornogrind (my two least favourite genres)
- 'Twinklecore', 'Kinsella worship', 'emo revival', 'noodly skramz' - anything like that. No.
- Beatdown hardcore
- NYC wannabe hardcore
- Boston wannabe hardcore
- If you spell hardcore like HxC
- And anything that's overtly racist, misogynistic or homophobic. That goes for any genre - you don't get a free pass because you have a power electronics project.

Yes, we do interviews! And yes! This is an alternative for bands without free music.
If you want to plug your band, maybe have a semi serious interview and talk about punk musicians you'd want to bone, hit me up via email and express your interest. I'll always include a link to your music in the post. I'm friendly, I won't ask you anything to stupid (maybe) and I'll do my darnedest to make you look good.

Hopefully that clears things up, and if you have any questions feel free to email me them - and like I said, I'm more than happy to expose up and coming bands and projects, so don't be afraid to drop me a line (even if I'm a jaded asshole)




  3. Arizonan Dark ambient noise/sound collage incorporating elements of power electronics, drone and plunderphonics with some black noise seasoning looking for eardrums to torture. Turn-ons include: Kinky aural sex, musical debris, cinema for the ears, sound with moving wounds, Rorschach tests for the blind, audio flotsam and jetsam.

    Kinda new to putting my music out there but I tinker with ambient, atmospheric noise-type shit. I'll have an album uploaded when I get back to my work computer.

  5. FFO:Pedro The Lion, Title Fight, Joy Division,

    Not sure how to classify this, and also post if you'd like.

    This has been dubbed "totally new" by someone that used to work at Relapse. You could call this Noise Rock in a pure sense of the idea - mostly noise that is built into songs. Most of the songs have lyrics and are primarily based around the birth of my first child. So - while it sounds aggressive as hell, the lyrics are all fairly promising and hopeful.... except you mostly can't make them out.
    I have many other releases under the names Ancient, Inc. and Khamsa Khala, but these are more experimental and/or Arabic. These can also be found at this site. Khamsa Khala was recorded with a fellow that was previously in Mandible Chatter.

  8. Here is our 2nd Demo invoked in true primitive swamp atmosphere straight from South Florida a place of total shit and invasive species which we will abandon for the Pacific North West wilderness as soon as we reach our satisfaction in the summer lands of lust. Our website is here is the free download of our demo

  9. Here is our 2nd Demo invoked in true primitive swamp atmosphere straight from South Florida a place of total shit and invasive species which we will abandon for the Pacific North West wilderness as soon as we reach our satisfaction in the summer lands of lust. Our website is here is the free download of our demo

  10. OFFSET - Orchestrated chaos / noise core / powerviolence / experimental / band from Montreal. We are all really influenced by extreme music and all its shapes and forms but we try to make our music as varied as possible by adding latin, rap and full out noise sections to our music.
    Check us out


    We are the best band in the world. Fuck Oasis and Matt and Kim. We are making the next generation of sound. A new Era. A new damn real damn band to follow and buy merch from and blast out the car stereo as you wear sun glasses and throw your beer at vegan bicyclists.

    1. One man DIY hardcore, post, crust punk from Connecticut. First EP, full length put this summer.

  12. teenager from minneapolis -- bedroom lo-fi interlaced with dark ambient, noise and industrial

  13. Hi, Reverse from Italy
    Industrial noise, sound design.


    5 piece from Sydney/Melbourne australia. Blankened crust with cello.

  15. I am a noise artist who goes under the name Spiral of Fangs, my album can be found here on my Bandcamp and is available for free. I honestly find my sound rather unique within noise, power electronics and industrial for the most part but my roots lie in those genres.

  16. Hi Guys,
    New Ducks album from the Canberra/Brisbane based project. May contain actual riffs on occasion. You did a write-up on our 2013 banger Passing the Poison Back To The Spider.

  17. This may be of interest to you.

    Partholón - Irish Post -Metal, for fans of Neurosis, Isis, Fall of Efrafa

    Debut release titled "Follow Me Through Body"

    4 tracks, 40mins

    Recorded at Temple Lane Studios by Shaun Cadogan
    Mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna

    Music Streaming:


    Greetings from Ireland, hope you enjoy.



    experimental harsh noise in an eight-part series.

    massachusetts artist, released a tape through label 'Hatets Dok' titled: PERVERT in 2013. also featured on various compilations via same label.

    previous moniker: nothiing.

    thanks if you listen.

  19. I submitted this via email already but I'm just so gosh dang eager to hear what people think I thought I might as well put it here. Anywho, here's some harsh noise demos I made

  20. Two Coin's new release Brine.
    This release is on bandcamp for 2$ but if anyone would like it but can't pay I can provide it for free. We also have other releases for free. We are a drone/noise project, if willing we would like to set up an interview.
    full streaming of album available here, though it will be taken down after March 10th when Brine is released (


    1. can be reached on FB or if needed

  21. faint glow x Contraktor - The Automaton
    ambient/noise/power electronics collab

    Hot And Ugly - Somewhere Better Than This Place
    no wave/power violence/art punk

    harsh noise

    S&Enima - Hall of the Grotesque

  22. I've been making experimental music since late 2015, and I've been trying to reach an audience to give me constructive feedback so I can evolve my styles... I've worked with Macronympha at one point as well


    This album features experimental, noise, field recordings.

  23. Hey, whats up?

    My band, Guilty Giraffe, are about to put out our new album, Server Error, on 5/5. It would be really amazing if you could write about us in any way, a review, or even a simple post about our album.

    We're Streaming two tracks off our new album at the moment On bandcamp I'm going to attach a few files of songs from the new album. I am also sending our original Demo.

    Again any feedback would be really cool, thanks!!

    We love : My Bloody Valentine, No Age, Deftones, Nirvana

    - Mat

  24. KAMIKAZI metal/punk/hardcore hailing from salonique.Greece!!!

  25. my project called (n)one, of minimal ambient / minimal noise / dark ambient / experimental, from my first demo edited the past year, limited to handnumbered 35 copies. FREE DOWNLOAD now !!!

    the link here:

    share and thanks by leave me this site for promotionate one of my projects!!!


  26. Hey!

    KIMBERLY (noise/indie/thrash trio) from Paris
    We like our songs, we hope you do too!
    Any feedback is appreciated be it a message, a review or an interview!

  27. Hey! Please see bio and links for my rockin' family band. Thank you for your time and consideration!
    What happens when two would have been rock stars have a middle aged crisis? They decide to form a family band with their unwitting children. Enter The CheeseBergens comprised of Ides Bergen, father and drummer, Marissa Bergen, mother and bassist, Jesse Bergen, son and singer/lead guitarist and Anjelica Bergen, daughter and singer/guitarist.
    Mama and Papa Cheese have been honing their skills for years playing the L.A. club circuit in bands to varying success. The Cheese Kids have been busy building their own resumes in rock schools in the L.A. area. Now they come together with their own brand of rock n' roll with punk and metal influences.
    The CheeseBergens have been featured on Rock Rage Radio, I Love Heavy Metal Radio and have appeared on two Metal Babe Mayhem compilations as well as Dewar's PR Summer Compilation. They have played reputable Los Angeles clubs including The Mint and The Troubadour.​

  28. Hails from Wales,

    We are Farw, we are from the nowhere mountains of south west Wales and we play exclusively the transcendental mood music of the devil. We are not technically proficient in anyway, we are not elitist in anyway, we are nobody's from nowhere, and feel like we do not belong to black metal but it is the closet to what we make musically in some regards.

    We hope our music makes you feel something, even if that something is contempt

  29. Hello from Minsk and Moscow,

    We are Deadly Bells and Whoredom playing drum and bass powerviolence and noisegrind. We had just released our split. Hope you'll like it and share our stuff.
    Our music is available for free in our bandcamp.

  30. Les Cadavre Exquiss is a Dark Ambient/Electronic/Noise group from Cincinnati.

  31. "side b" is post-modern/minimalist/noise. Album dropped today.

  32. ASHES . It's one man band black metal. I made it with very few resources, and a lot of passion. Hailing from Vancouver BC Canada. - that link is to my latest Ep called Thresher.

  33. One man DIY hardcore, crust, post, from Connecticut. First EP TorMentoR, the full LP should be released this summer.

  34. MANNEQUIN CELLAR. minimalistic death industrial/noise/dark ambient. all recordings are produced/recorded/mixed with Tascam 4 track machines onto cassette.

  35. FREE MANNEQUIN CELLAR track up for download.

  36. Hi! Would like to share two projects from Metz in France: Grinding power electronics - Metaphysical, desperate dark poetry axed thematics
    Noise/Industrial with saturated screams, some of the albums are pure drone/ambient others are a bit more crushing - Metaphysical, mythological, dark poetry thematics

    Feel free to contact us at!

    And by the way, thanks a lot for the blog, I've been downloading grindcore here since a lot!


  38. Industrial and Harsh Noise/Power Electronics from Montreal.

  39. Hi, We are La Melancolia de Don Quixote from Panama

    Here's our link>


  40. Our band is called w/o adjectives & we are an ugly, queer noise rock/punk act from Tulsa, OK. We hate nazis & music theory.
    Free to stream as much as you like.

  41. Joint Dislocation Rush F.& Brett R. 2 piece trashed pe noisecore from Florida originally relocated toChicago,IL with friends joining at times free to stream

  42. Emily Gilmore-- Femme fronted 2piece feminist, anarchist, anti-male, anti-class warfare noise punk from NY. We just released our first album 'Only Prostitutes Have Two Glasses Of Wine At Lunch' on our bandcamp for free. Lyrics deal with destroying patriarchy, vengeance against rapists and abusers, exposing scene misogyny, violence, oppression, and unforgiving treatment of victimizers and rapists and capitalists. Uncompromising anarchists. Heavily influenced by Anti-Product, Crass, Dystopia, Anarchism, Feminism. Link to album:

  43. Data control uk... English punk band
    Tracks available on sound cloud for download or youtube

  44. Great stuff you got!thanx for all the downloads and info..
    Maybe wanna check free impro noise rituals from Greece?

  45. Junko Daydream, London, ON, Canada Hardcore. All free on bandcamp to download. "Bad" Music video was just released.

    'Bad' video:

    Social Media:

  46. Hi there!

    This is Vinod from the Singapore Band Axis Mundi! Just wanted to say im a huge fan of your site and follow it to keep current with emerging and new artists! Thank you for all the hardwork! That being said i would like to let you know of a new EP my band has just dropped together with a music video! (Links below!)

    i know you guys are super busy but i do you hope you like the music! If you can help spread the word about this release it would be awesome! Of course if there is anything else you need do let me know! Cheers and thank you for the time!

    HD Video:
    Hyperfollow for Spotify:

    Short Bio: Axis Mundi is a 3 piece Sludge metal band formed in 2018 with former members of Stillborn and Zaganoth. Mixing influences from death metal, stoner, sludge, doom and more, they weave their heavy music with heavy esoteric and symbolic themes. For fans of High on Fire and Nails.


  47. Hi there, we are Charivari. We’re a Bath based noise-rock band that seesaw between gazey, harsh noise, and drone elements. The term ‘Charivari’ is a folk tradition in which a mock parade is staged through a community accompanied by a discordant mock serenade; literally translating to ‘rough music’.

  48. We're a band named Choir Boys and just released a new record a few days ago. It's available as download (pay-what-you-want) and on tape.

    I actually don't want to write too much as I hope the music speaks for itself. So we'd be pleased if you find the time to listen to it and maybe even write something about it (we're even fine with you writing about it if you hate it :D ).

    And don't hesitate getting back in touch with me if you've got any questions

    Thank you and have a nice day,

    Martin / Choir Boys

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  50. Hi

    Im Ruit Hora, a Chilean Ambient/Synth/Doom one man band. I would like to know possibility that you make a review of my last work.

    Respectfully, I would like to invite you to listen our work in the followings streamings links:

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

    Ruit Hora

  51. New MANNEQUIN CELLAR release is out and up for free for the rest of July/2019. MANNEQUIN CELLAR took a break from death industrial and obscure movie samples and deliver 4 tracks of noise/power electronics as well as the 1st vocals heard in the project. Use headphones for best results..

  52. Endless Bore - Personal Development (2019)

    New band from Melbourne Australia, playing fast hardcore and featuring members/ex-members of Ablach, Creep Diets, Filthpact, Maggot Bath, Mindrippa, Miso-Maniax, Religious Observance and Undamaged.

    Digital download only, self released, cassette tape version to follow.

    Facebook page:

    Band Contact:

    First record of hardcore/punk band from Crimea.

  54. I released my second album recently. Kind of weird, kind of heavy stuff from an isolated part of Oklahoma:

  55. Hi There,
    I'm submitting this

    Noxo: A hard to classify 'punk-noise' band from Auckland New Zealand. All instruments noise and yelps played by one person (me). A mush of Septic Death meets, Throbbing Gristle meets...Drunks with Guns?? I've been in heaps of other punk, noise and metal things as listed below (two bass punk sludge noise. Drummer is also in (Noisy psych gloom) (hardcore punk) (blackened war grind or whatever)

    Do set and t-shirts for Melbourne raw noise punk band Enzyme

    instagram @grantsheridactyl


    It's kinda like hardcore being vomited through sieve made of grisly seventies horror films while being bludgeoned with a synthesizer.

    Lyrics largely made up on the spot and cannot be remembered.

    Tape available from Hairy Palm.

    Eat Hot Lead video:

    A perfectly crafted, magnum-opus concept album. Dumb Beat AKA punk for morons. Pure knuckle dragging noise shit.
    released October 10, 2017

    Written and recorded in 2 days by Noxious Pest

  56. Diabolica
    Black Metal from Bloomington, IN with some drone and noise elements. I came into this as an outsider attracted to the philosophies and themes of black metal with my previous experience making awful electronic music and playing a little bass in some punk projects that went nowhere. I occasionally work with some other artists and I have included my two toddler sons in some of my music. My sound can be bassy, filled with static, frantic, and even melodic. Outside of music I am a shaman who associates with some witches, chatoicians, sataniists, and other occult types and I try to use that aspect of my life to direct me music. Im a big believer in free music as I want to share my misery, not profit from it or else it isn't misery it is just labor.

  57. My Version of It “What Have We Done? (Free Sampler)” Bandcamp

    Just released over the weekend, a free “best of” sampler from My Version of It. My Version Of It is a Delaware punk band that’s been making records since 2001. The sample “What Have We Done?” contains 22 original songs from 11 of their albums/eps. It also features two songs from their side projects Year of the Comet and the metal nursery-rhyme core band Doctor Goose. Their latest album is called “Time For Noisy USA” released in early 2018.

    My Version of It is a punk/indie rock band from Delaware. Their first release was back in 2001 on the defunct Delaware label Say-Ten Records as a split 7" with the Oklahoma pop-punk group The Pseudo-Drop Outs. My Version have played extensively up and down the East Coast of America, releasing seven full length albums, five eps and several singles. They release their music on found Jared Morris' 10x Records.

    From pure punk, to indie rock, to southern punk rock to traditional folk punk, their style has varied throughout the years and they are always delving into new territory. They are currently recording their eighth full length album expected to have a full release on CD and Cassette in Spring 2020.

    My Version of It is The Sexfinger (Guitar/Voice) Dave Grind (Drums) Matt Sandwich (Bass)

  58. "This frilly ape" is a one man band from France, let's say playing "experimental noise rock". The first album "Lovely mutant cauliflower" is freely available on bandcamp :
    I hope you will enjoy it in some way. If this is the case, feel free to share!

  59. "Sand Eater" is a DIY Noise Punk band from the mojave desert. They like to experiment with elements of power violence dark ambiance and post-punk.

    Their third album "You People Mean Nothing" is a noisy apathetic attack on the world, filled with peaking manic vocals and clanky guitar.

  60. lol does this blog even take submissions anymore? I feel like all these bands in the comment are left in the gutter like wheres the email?

  61. I couldn't find your email but i'd love to drop the link here. For lovers of good mixage of screamo and hardcore... ria from Istanbul. Thank you!

  62. the sovran selfprod. cd 2006 band from italy (style:motorhead/turbonegro)!sTxyQSSI!ex6xM5XnPL2puFizwrl0fudQjgR9JCS62OpkZ4tWqJ0

  63. From Indianapolis, we are Dirt Merchant. Check us out if you like a little groove influence in hardcore. We sound like Comeback Kid.


    Experimental beat-music made in collaboration with a sentient super-computer

  65. Iniquity is a collective with no real ambitions. From fucked up lo fi punk to nice and cuddly noiserock. CHECK IT OUT

  66. Location: Iowa, USA
    Artist: Dead Hawk
    Album: Demo MMXX (self released)
    Genre: Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient, Experimental

  67.!nyog3YrJ!RBa1eqX1ND9Ng65g1Is84g este es un album Travel por el artista Jun Konagaya quien nunca lo hizo disponible de forma digital y cuyo formato fisico es limitado. Es bastante dificil de conseguir.


    we are jazzcore duo from moscow

  69. Hardcore punk band from Los Angeles, Ca
    Yes it's free

  70. Mannequin Cellar is offering free downloads from now through my birthday, which is May 5th 2020. The genres vary from release to release but all fall within the experimental family. Use headphones for best results...


    Caustic Vigilance, power electronics from ct, exclusively about mental illness. Everything on the label is name your price/ free

  72. Hello there,
    Irish noise-rock band seeks like-minded music reviewers to publicly laud/lambaste their debut album as they see fit.

    Released on Constant disappointment (US) Permafrost (Fr) Whosbrain (Lux) Gabu (Fr) and Assos y song (Fr)
    FFO: My Disco, McLusky, Death grips

    Soundcloud link

    Can send on a press kit if that helps.
    Thank you kindly. 
    Paul xx

  73. my powerviolence band from San Diego, CA just released a new tape!
    Thanks for your time - Jonathan

  74. Hello,

    We found your blog online and love it! We're hoping you'd give our music a listen and possibly even review it. We've included all of our info below for our single (just released today), and album (releases 9/22/20).

    Here's a YouTube link to our new single/video, Happy Fucking Whatever, it was just released today:

    Here's a private link to the full album, which won't be released until 9/22/20. Our 2nd single, Why Bother, which is the first song on the album, will be released on 9/8/20:

    Here is our bio: 

    Hi, we’re Boss Rush, a husband and wife punk rock duo from Birmingham, AL. We write songs in our basement, mostly about how everything sucks and nothing matters. We're two 30-somethings complaining about how life isn't what we thought it'd be, but you gotta live it anyway, right?

    This new album, Happy Fucking Whatever, represents all the external factors in life that bring you down and cause the anxiety and depression that we all feel from day to day. It also celebrates the one constant positive factor in our lives --- each other. No matter how shitty things get, we always have each other and our music. The phrase "Happy Fucking Whatever" actually came from a gag birthday balloon. We thought it was a great expression for how we feel. This balloon is featured on the single artwork and will be featured on the cover of our upcoming LP release on September 22nd. Happy Fucking Whatever will be our first single and title track for that upcoming LP. 

    All of our music is DIY. We write, record, mix, and master all of our own music as well as design our own graphics and artwork. We produce, shoot, and edit all of our music videos ourselves as well. Anything we put out there is of our own creation, and we take pride in being authentically us. Thanks for listening! 

    -Eric and Daina Mason (Aka - Boss Rush)

  75. Greetings & Salutations! I was hoping you could RE-UP the following PISSED JEANS singles: 1. DEMO 2. THROBBING ORGAN 3. DON'T NEED SMOKE TO MAKE MYSELF DISAPPEAR. Thank you for your time. Cheers...


  77. We are Cedith from Istanbul, Turkey. We've released an album called Dawn of Man in 2019 and recently released a new single called Taurus from the upcoming album. We'd love to get a review and place in your playlists.

    Spotify track link:

    Youtube track link:

    Downloadable file:

    Downloadable album cover:

    You can find detailed information about the band.

    Cedith is an Istanbul based Psychedelic Prog Rock/Metal band. Cedith has formed by Nazım Berke Fidan and Deniz Ünsal. Shortly after, Ermiş Seichi Özkan and Mert Dede joined the band.

    Our first full-length album “Dawn of Man” released in March 2019. Album categorized as “Psychedelic/Space Rock” on the extensive progressive music archive

    We are currently working on our second album. The upcoming album will be on the heavier side of progressive music and will have a stronger sound with heavy vocals of our old friend, new member Hür Ibrahim Sakman.



  78. I'm releasing the new EP 'Best Family' by Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham) from Australia. He has switched over from effects pedals to modular synthesizers to treat his glass sounds and this EP is an early product of this experimentation. Hope you like it. A run of cassettes are available for pre-order at the link below. I hope you enjoy this and want to write about it.

    1. Im making experimental, dark ambient drone music. This is my first release. I made it by using samples from Alessandro Moreschi, a choir singing during St Lucia (Swedish tradition near christmas) in Stockholm. I used some digital synthezisers as well as sampling various recordings i have done previously. There are a few other samples i have not listed as well. The project name GAS STATION CARNIVALS is from a short story by Thomas Ligotti, and the album is based around another of his stories, the journal of DR Drapeau.


  79. Hi

    After a couple of Acid Techno releases on Bandcamp under the name SILVER MACHINES, I’m proud to announce our first album “Canned Noise” of our new project GIECK / TETHNAGEL.

    The music consists of dark and hypnotic Technoise carefully curated from hours of DAWless jamming on modular synths and drum machines by Peter Tethnagel (Wron Key).

    The recording process followed a strictly analoge signal chain, using solely analogue synthesisers, modules and effect devices (such as bucket brigade delays and spring reverb) plugged straight into an old mixing desk, using CV/Gate as only means to communicate between devices, no MIDI.


    “Canned Noise” is out now for download and streaming on Beatport (and other platforms).

    Free promo download:$/

    Thanks for your support!

    Stefan Gieck

  80. Paranormal Bouquet - new album 2021 - - - noize out of Olympia, WA

    Demo 2019


    1. Fachos
    2. Venganza Obrera
    3. El Rengo
    4. Donde Te Fuiste (Ramones)

    Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    LINK Demo:


    OLOR A PATA is a punk and hardcore band formed in the “La Mosca” neighborhood of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    The lyrics of his songs have a strong social and political content, although they also pass through other themes.

    His first performances date back to 1991/92 and he went through different stages, the most prominent being Mack Arthur (later Zona Cyborg), Die Schule, Estadio Chico de Quilmes and Cemento.

    He shared the stage with bands such as 2 Minutos, Flema, Superuva, D.A.J, Venganza, I.D.S, Doble Fuerza and Sin Ley among others.

    He participated in a national compilation called "Old are the rags Vol 1" and "Aguanten, Carajo! together bands from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. And he has an EP with three songs, titled " Cajitas felices para un pueblo triste".

    He has had different formations, the current formation being: Pichi on voice and founding member, Juanete Lobos on guitar, Alejandro Tucci on drums and Gera on bass.


    BANDCAMP: Olor a Pata

    FACEBOOK: @olorapatapunk

    YOUTUBE: olor a pata

  82. About: I'm a noise/drone/power electronics/death-industrial solo musician under the project name Anomie, I'm from Philadelphia, and I use a lot of straight-forward, old-school analog equipment that I like to process digitally. My first release had more of a drone-metal tinge while also being straight forward HN, but my newest one Nadir is far uglier and industrial focused.
    Here's my bandcamp page:


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    An adventerous band from Brittain playing FL Studio - fueled shitcore-something, with but one principle in mind: Fun!
    Inspired by grindcore, experimental bands and Low- Poly Animals twitter page

    experimental, ambient, electronic, dungeon synth

    Thank you FBN for all the outstanding and hard work, you've been with me for years on, and I always keep comming back