Friday, 12 September 2014

DiE - Vexed EP

'Vexed EP'

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genres: Hardcore
For Fans Of: No, The Flex, Perspex Flesh, The Mob, Warthog

DiE released a corker of a 7" last year with their debut EP, and it seems they're on something of a winning streak with EP number 2, Vexed.
The UK band play hardcore that has a faint, blue collar streak to it that recalls denim, black boots and shaved heads but drowns all that nonsense out with massive, stompy riffs, noisy guitar solos and ferocious vocals.
Paying homage to classic and contemporary UKHC bands is one thing, but ramping it up to dizzying, blistering levels the way that DiE do on Vexed shows that these lads have some serious chops when it comes to writing and playing straight-to-the-point hardcore.
This 8 track EP, plus the band's debut are available to download as a pay-what-you want purchase on the bands bandcamp. Keep an eye out for physical copies!

1. B.T.K.
2. Monotony
3. Dark
4. Pressure
5. Fight
6. Ready To Rot
7. Life Sentence
8. Exterminate


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