Friday, 19 September 2014

Witchface - Skrekk & Gru

'Skrekk & Gru'

Genre/s: Blackened Punk, Noise, Hardcore Punk
For Fans Of: Sump, Devil's Dung, Sexdrome, Raspberry Bulbs, Jackman, Bible Thumper

I don't know about anyone else reading this, but a while back after Brayden posted the debut EP of Norway's Witchface; called "Skada for Livet", I became completely obsessed with it, and still kind of am. It was short but sweet and was overall one of the best couplings of black metal and hardcore punk I had (and still have) ever heard, and I couldn't wait to see what would be next for Witchface. Well, my (and possibly your) wait is over as "Skrekk & Gru" has been released- and was well worth the wait. It begins with a distorted and chaotic intro of noise and quickly transitions into the grimy, lo-fi experience I remembered from Skada for Livet, but has been built on a lot which is great to see. The catchiness and strange comfortability of Witchface's music is still there but has risen out of Skada's bare-bones sense of the lo-fi and gained many more layers of depth ripe for analysis, and more importantly enjoyment. Witchface's talent for variety has also made a comeback as the tracks power through aggressive screams and instrumentation akin to hardcore, then clashed against tortured wails and instrumentation akin to black metal- making for the perfect marriage between the two genres- or again, one of the best I've ever heard myself. Skrekk & Gru is easily one of my favourite releases of 2014.

1. Intro
2. Nattekryp
3. Sex/Dop
4. Blodspor
5. Grusomme Syner
6. Kunsten Å Glemme
7. Underhund
8. Redusert Til Skit
9. Et Siste Stikk


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