Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Degreaser - Bottom Feeder

'Bottom Feeder'

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Garage Rock, No Wave
For Fans Of: Bird Blobs, Gravel Samwidge, Kitchen's Floor, Cured Pink, Slug Guts

See that album art there? That hideously off putting, slapdash drawing that looks like it was created by someone who lives in a house full of discarded hypodermic syringes? It might surprise you to know that it's extremely indicative of the music contained within.
Degreaser definitely embody the 1970s, East Village scum fuck aesthetic, choosing to play the most downtrodden, dissolute version of punk in the most sloppiest, effortless way possible. The Brooklyn band feature an Australian ex pat, and do sound a heckuva a lot like some of the least accessible Australian post punk/noise rock acts of yore - especially with the treble-y, delay heavy angular guitar lines, shambling rhythm section and forced out vocal delivery.
Desperation and depression are things you seldom go looking for, but when it's channeled into noisy, nihilistic punk dirges it's always welcome. Please abandon your current tasks, listen to this and prepare to sink down a few levels. It's not that bad here in the gutter.

1. Teeth in Mouth
2. Like A Ball
3. On the Throne
4. Snake Dick Blues
5. Caveman's Lament
6. Human Postcard
7. Treat You Right
8. These are the Blues


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