Saturday, 2 November 2013

Cows - Cunning Stunts

'Cunning Stunts'

Genre/s: Post Hardcore, Alternative, Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Cherubs, Cosmic Psychos, Karp, Killdozer

Cows were a post hardcore band that towed the line between noise rock, punk and blues - and still managed to sound coherent, somehow. In their 9 years as a band, Cows established their niche sound, throwing melody, dissonance, humour and disregard for conventional style into a blender to create an oddball offshoot of alternative rock. Singer Shannon Selberg's whiny drawl, as well as his bugle (I shit you not) and harmonica playing add to the eclectic nature of the band, and along with the distorted guitar riffs and strange song structures it's almost like this band is trying to alienate you from their music. Cunning Stunts was Cows' third album, and while it does show signs of the band taking on minor 'pop sensibilities', it's still a scuzzy, roughly hewn noise rock album at heart.

1. Heave Ho
2. Walks Alone
3. Contamination
4. Mr. Cancelled
5. Mine
6. Midnight Cowboy
7. Everybody
8. Two Little Pigs
9. The Woman Inside
10. Terrifique
11. Down Below

12. Ort


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