Friday, 8 November 2013

Pissed Jeans - Discography

Pissed Jeans
2003 -2013

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Punk, Hardcore
For Fans Of: The Jesus Lizard, Black Flag, Flipper, Kilslug, Scratch Acid

Pissed Jeans are arguably one of the biggest and more widely known noise rock acts around, and for good reason. Their caustic style blends sludgy punk, bratty hardcore and manic noise rock into an almost bipolar sound that can't decide whether it wants to be energetic or really fucking lazy. Vocalist Matt Korvette possesses a demonic yelp that puts David Yow to shame and he uses it to rant and scream and spit about everything from scrapbooking, bodily fluids and icecream.  Pissed Jeans' entire discography is below, so if you're in the mood for weird-ass punk jams about incredibly mundane subject matter with smatterings of aggression and copious amounts of wailing feedback you know what to do.


Demo (2003)
1. Throbbing Organ
2. Ashamed Of My Cum
3. Wish I Never
4. Night Minutes
5. MTV

Throbbing Organ (2004)
1. Throbbing Organ
2. Night Minutes

Shallow (2005)
1. I'm Sick
2. Boring Girls
3. Ugly Twin (I've Got)
4. Ashamed Of My Cum
5. Closet Marine
6. I Broke My Own Heart
7. Little Sorrell
7. Wachovia

Don't Need Smoke To Make Myself Disappear (2006)
1. Don't Need Smoke To Make Myself Disappear
2. Love Clown

Hope For Men (2007)
1. People Person
2. Secret Admirer
3. A Bad Wind
4. Scrapbooking
5. I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)
6. Fantasy World
7. I'm Turning Now
8. Caught Licking Leather
9. The Jogger
10. My Bad

King Of Jeans (2009)
1. False Jesii Part 2
2. Half Idiot
3. Dream Smotherer
4. Pleasure Race
5. She Is Science Fiction
6. Request For Masseuse
7. Human Upskirt
8. Lip Ring
9. Spent
10. R-Rated Movie
11. Dominate Yourself
12. Goodbye Hair

Sam Kinison Woman (2010)
1. Sam Kinison Woman
2. L Word

Honeys (2013)
1. Bathroom Laughter
2. Chain Worker
3. Romanticize Me
4. Vain In Costume
5. You're Different (In Person)
6. Cafeteria Food
7. Something About Mrs. Johnson
8. Male Gaze
9. Cathouse
10. Loubs
11. Health Plan
12. Teenage Adult


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