Sunday, 31 August 2014

Swallowing Bile/Magia Nuda - Split C30

'Swallowing Bile/Magia Nuda C30'
Swallowing Bile and Magia Nuda

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Harsh Noise, Power Electronics
For Fans Of: The Rita, Deathpile, Macronympha, Slogun,

This nasty piece of work, out via Solar Temple Tapes (check em out HERE), brings prolific New York artist Swallowing Bile and Chicago noiser Magia Nuda together in unholy matrimony. Grimy, static rumble are the name of the game here, and across this C30 you're exposed to all kinds of gnarly low end rumbles and harsh vocal delivery.
Swallowing Bile's side opens the tape with a gradually ascending, treble heavy roar that explodes into harsh static. From there on in, you're treated to rapid fire, venomous vocals layered on top of harsh walls of noise, detailing submission and domination. Gradually it tapers off into quieter atmospheric territory, fading away into a low, industrial hum.
Magia Nuda's side experiments with both static walls and pulsating electronic squeals, tying them together into rudimentary, harsh rhythms. This too is accompanied with severely pissed off, venomous lyrical delivery that plows over the top of the noise for a full on, blunt force sonic assault. While Swallowing Bile's side relies on gradual change, ambiance and a building crescendo - Magia Nuda's side is all about crazed, dynamic bursts of noise. In short, both sides are a different, but entirely satisfying interpretation of violent power electronics.
Both sides of this split are available for download below, and you can head on over to the Solar Temple bandcamp to pick up the tape in physical form.

1. Swallowing Bile Side
2. Magia Nuda Side

Swallowing Bile Side
Magia Nuda Side

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