Friday 30 August 2013

Bad People - Pearls Before Swine

'Pearls Before Swine'
Bad People

Genre/s: Hardcore, Punk
For Fans Of: Broken Prayer, Brown Sugar, OFF!

Two things immediately caught my attention when I was turned onto this band - the brutal artwork [poor kitty :(] and the fact this band shares members with Brown Sugar and White Guilt (RIP), which are (and were) two killer bands who've done some pretty cool things with hardcore in recent years. Bad People deal in off-kilter hardcore via lots of reverb, bratty, snarled vocals and plenty of nods to heaps of other genres. While the band keeps things moving forward with the frantic energy of 80s punk and hardcore, they blend it with everything from rock and roll to surf music, and at times even psychadelia (check out the intro 'No-no'). All these seemingly mismatched elements come together in a cacophonic mix of frustration, aggression and straight up weirdness. Go download EP for free at Bad People's bandcamp, or go buy the record from Feeble Minds.

1. They Think I'm Rotten
2. Daddy's Little Boy
3. Piss + Shit
4. No-no
5. Weird One
6. Blue Lines
7. Talking Cat