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I did a quick reworking of the band submission info page, just to make it a bit more coherent and straight forward. Mosey on over there if you're thinking of submitting something.

I'll also use this post to say that I'm always on the lookout to do interviews, so if you're ever wanting to flaunt your egos on the world wide web, here's your chance. Drop me a line, tell me you're interested in an interview and we'll get the ball rolling.

Also more reviews to come shortly. Watch this space.


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Friday 25 April 2014

Bone Awl/The Rita - Split

'Bone Awl/The Rita'
Bone Awl/The Rita

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Blackened Noise, Raw Black Metal, Harsh Noise, Harsh Noise Wall
For Fans Of: Sump, Raspberry Bulbs, Sexdrome, Vomir, Werewolf Jerusalem

HNW meets deliciously blown out raw black metal in this collaboration of sorts. As most of you are aware, Bone Awl are a two man  band who've been terrorizing ear drums with their raw noise-punk tinged black metal since the early 2000s and The Rita is the one man HNW project of Canadian noisemonger, Sam McKinlay (who's been going at it since 1996).
Unlike most splits, that confine each artist to a separate side, this cassette has The Rita and Bone Awl taking turns, which actually leads to some really nifty tie-ins and transitions between each track. The Rita's contribution to this split are slightly more dynamic than some of his other works, with subtle changes and peaks that help distinguish tracks from one another, but make no mistake, it's the same rumble-y, crunchy dense walls of sound you know and love. Bone Awl have taken a similar bass heavy approach with their tracks, and pretty much thrown any notion of distinguishable instrumentation  or songwriting out the window, leaving you instead with the noisiest possible interpretation of black metal where only the occasional vocals and pulverizing, Neanderthal like drums are clearly audible.
The way this split comes together is a big reason why I enjoy it, the flow between each artist is so natural that at times I have a hard time figuring out exactly who is playing. The thick walls of bass and static have this walloping ebb and flow feel to them, and it kinda just wafts in and out of your head, all while beating your poor ears bloody and blue. Gnarly split, gnarly bands and just gnarly in general. Geddonit.

1. The Rita - Untitled
2. Bone Awl - I Feel Tension
3. The Rita - Untitled
4. Bone Awl - Black Beasts
5. The Rita - Untitled
6. Bone Awl - With My Hands
7. The Rita - Untitled
8. Bone Awl - You're Getting More
9. The Rita - Untitled
10. Bone Awl - What Are You Waiting For?
11. The Rita - Untitled


Thursday 24 April 2014

Stress Orphan - Double Post

Stress Orphan

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Power Electronics, Harsh Noise
For Fans Of: Koufar, Disgust, Column Of Heaven, Joshua Norton Cabal

Stress Orphan is the power electronics project from Eric Trude. The Virginia based noise monger has a pretty prolific output, and has released numerous tapes/splits/EPs this year alone.
These two releases showcase the multi-faceted approach to power electronics that is Stress Orphan. While there's the harsh vocals and crushing low end rumble you've come to expect from the genre, there's also an element of rhythm and structure, and lengthy drone pieces that could almost be considered dark ambient pieces. 'Guttual' in particular is an astonishingly brutal release, with three tracks of straight up power electronics and  the aptly named 'Unbearable' closing the album, with 11 minutes of ringing feedback that come to a jaw droppingly cathartic crescendo of super distorted static. 'Advance' , on the other hand, sees a more experimental approach, with longer songs and a stronger emphasis on traditional harsh noise. It's pulverising, dense noise at it's most unhinged state.
Both these releases are up for grabs below, and I strongly advise you go visit the Stress Orphan bandcamp and trawl the multitude of releases there.


1. The Whore Loses a Kidney
2. Stalking the Rail Yard
3. Stagnant
4. Coffin Walker
5. Accelerant

1. Morgue Dweller
2. Painted With Thick Smoke
3. Pulse Detonation
4. Unbearable


Blank - Suspiria


(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Dark Hardcore, Metalcore
For Fans Of: Oathbreaker, Young And In The Way, Alpinist, Rise And Fall

Much like the film of the same name, Suspiria is one helluva dark, turbulent assault on the senses. Blank, the five 'older youngsters', who are responsible for unleashing this nasty slab of darkened hardcore have  certainly pulled no punches on their second release.
The German band have taken upon the metalcore formula set by the sorts of bands you'd find on the Deathwish Inc. roster, picked it apart and re-assembled it in a manner they see fit. Blank have nailed the balance between intense, angular metalcore and emotional hardcore, and to make things better they've thrown in some sinister black metal riffs and brief (but welcome) post rock interludes that are the Dr. Jekyll of sorts to the chaotic, metallic Mr. Hyde of the rest of the album. Additionally, Blank use samples to great affect, intertwining it with the music rather than using it as a cheap gimmick. Album closer, Society of Glass, is a prime example of this, with the eerie samples that fade in and out of the mix complimenting the mournful, funerary pace of the track.
A  impressive release, to say the least. Hell, my only gripe with Suspiria is that it's only four tracks long. It'll be interesting to see how Blank flesh their sound out on a full length - consider me interested.

1. Unholy Days
2. Licht und Eisen
3. Shield
4. Society of Glass


Terrorizer - Half Goon

Half Goon

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Hardcore
For Fans Of: The Coltranes, Unsane, Walls, The Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans

Goon is pretty much the national drink over here in Australia, well at least as far as disaffected bogans and the homeless are concerned. It's also half of this bands name, with 'half' also being the other half of this bands name.
Let's start again. HALF GOON are a weird and wonderful hardcore band from Long Beach, California who most definitely do not stick to the genre blueprint - which naturally makes me sit up and pay attention. These guys pack the energetic punch of punk, but they veer off the sidewalk and right into the scary, unkempt bush that is noise rock. You want psychedelic, delay ridden guitar interludes? You got it. Whacky, David Yow vocal styling? Yup. Unexpected twists and turns at every corner? You bet your sweet bippy. This is packed full to the brim with sludgy, meandering tunes that are objectively ugly yet strangely catchy.
Production wise, Terrorizer is flawless. Rather than utilizing the lo-fi approach to harness the band's atonality, you're given a crystal clear glimpse into the madness that is Half Goon, with every instrument grabbing for your attention with their ferocious energy and glossy sheen.
It's evident that the guys in Half Goon have put a tonne of effort into this release, and for a debut EP from a hardcore band, it's nothing short of spectacular. It's the shot in the arm modern punk needs - fellow bands take note.

1 HK
2 Terrorizer
3 Zoo
4 Tahiti
5 Sleep
6 Play Dead
7 Firework


Interview with Throes

Interview by Brayden Bagnall

Throes is one of a few projects by Brisbane based musician Nick Williams. Delivering disturbing power electronics/death industrial via synth tinged dark ambient,  Throes recalls some of the more recent work by IRM and Pharmakon while retaining a sound of its own. I interviewed the man behind the noise to talk more about the project.

FBN: First up, tell us about Throes and yourself. How long has the project been around, how did it come to fruition - all that jazz.
NICK: It came around roughly in 2008.  Previously I was playing in a hardcore band that fell apart and I started to loathe what that music was about and wanted to explore new realms so I began to experiment. Originally throes had two members, but Luke left to pursue "vore" (ex-gentlemen) and by the time it hit 2012 I was going through a heavy time so I began to lay down the foundations of what would be now Throes.

FBN: What other projects/bands are you involved or have been involved in the past?
NICK: Kumyunike Ka Ta (Communicator Can),  Stresswaves and a few others not worth mentioning. 

FBN: What attracted to you to the world of noise and industrial music?
NICK: The feeling of being in control and creating your own world and only doing things for yourself.

FBN: Are there certain artists or bands that have inspired the music and sounds behind Throes?
NICK: Atrax Morgue  Anenzephalia  Genocide Organ  Brighter Death Now  Masonna

FBN: What about lyrically? What subjects and themes do Throes explore?
NICK: Mental exhaustion / illness. Sometimes people, its mostly cathartic writings I've stored away from over the years stuff I have seen or envisioned, sometimes dreams.

FBN: What's the writing and composition process like for you? Does improvisation play a role at all? 
NICK: I generally get an idea in my head of what I want it to sound like, then I'll go into the studio and record it. It comes out slightly different then expected but I enjoy that process - I try to keep things super minimal.

FBN: Could you describe the noise/experimental 'scene' in Brisbane? And has that scene been supportive of your musical endeavors? 
NICK: Its very odd, each group has an inner circle some have been doing noise for almost ten years but now its become more or so an "arts grant project" to sustain their lifestyles which isn't a bad thing - they deserve it. Others are really friendly and build pedals and trade gear, I try to keep out of it...

FBN: Noise, to me at least, is supposed to be a complete rejection of musical norms and the tired stereotypes that seem to plague it - yet there seems to be an over reliance on certain stylistic conventions and a 'style over substance' mentality with many releases in the genre. For example a staple of power electronics has been a fixation on misogyny, fetishes, murder, rape and numerous other taboos. What are your thoughts regarding this?
NICK: I'm not into neither of those things, I found that shock factor worked for throbbing gristle but as for now I find it completely dumb in this day and age and sure there is noise elitists that stay true to noise / industrial scene and have fucked up artworks of rape / fetishes, but I find those people haven’t evolved and are rather primitive / repeating history.
 noise to me is a future of endless possibilities not repeating the same thing someone did thirty years ago but its there choice.

FBN: Are there any plans for future releases or live shows for Throes (or any other projects you are involved in)?
NICK: I co-run a record label with some close friends (second empire media) and just finished up an album for Stresswaves its currently in the process of being mastered in the states.
As for Throes, I'm currently working on a soundscape for the next EP but haven’t quite decided what the theme may be but something will come to mind soon. 

FBN: Finally, are there thank yous, shout outs or words of wisdom you wish to impart on the readers? 
NICK: Live or die but don’t poison everything – Anne Sexton

A big thank you to Nick for doing the interview.
Throes' first release Coronach is available on bandcamp for download. Additionally you may want to swing by the Second Empire Media website or Facebook page

Whitehouse - Mummy And Daddy *repost*

'Mummy And Daddy'

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Power Electronics
For Fans Of: Sutcliffe Juegend, Ramleh, Final Solution, Throbbing Gristle

Chances are that if you've heard about Whitehouse, you'll know what they're all about. The pioneers, and indeed creators of the power-electronics genre unleash a full on assault of the senses, caring very little for your well-being or decency. Their misogynistic, obscene and violent lyrics are a perfect companion to the chaotic 'music' - the high frequency blasts of noise and feedback are anything but friendly. Technically only four of the five of the tracks on this album are Whitehouse material, the fifth an aural documentary of sorts from Peter Sotos. Comprised of samples and interviews, 'Private' is a sordid look into rape, molestation and abduction, and is a fitting close to such an unnerving album.
'Mummy and Daddy' will stick with you long after you listen to it, mostly because you'll feel so dirty and disgusted after listening to it.

1. Philosophy Of The Wife Beater
2. Worthless
3. A Cunt Like You
4. Daddo
5. Private


Various Artists - Distortion And Dissonance

'Distortion And Dissonance'
Various Artists

Review by Jerry Kahale (1-10) and Brayden Bagnall (11-17)

Genre/s: Mathcore, Dark Hardcore, Grindcore, Screamo, Metalcore
For Fans Of: Distortion and/or dissonance 

Instead of reviewing one band we are going to review the 17 Australian and NZ bands on this compilation from Art As Catharsis all in somewhat bite size reviews that I hope don't jump around too much in contextual tone. Now some of the bands have already been featured on this fine and dandy blog and for those we will still provide a review anyway and then have a link to the original post right afterwards. So without further ado lets start at the first band and if you are a regular visitor you should fully know who these chaps are...p.s we do not apologise if you get offended at the number of made up genres we create here. 

IDYLLS - Animal Test
Fuck it, I'm going to be straight forward and unprofessional, I think Prayer For Terrene is AOTY material. Only four months into 2014 and already this is one of the most ferocious, absurd and sadistic releases that has ever graced ears. This is a living nightmare captured on record (or mp3 for now) and this one song doesn't do it justice. Seriously it doesn't. Not only has it broke the already high standard that Farewell All Joy established, it has also opened to experimentation and forays into other styles and genres all without losing its core characteristics that defined IDYLLS from the rest. I expected this album to knock it out of the park but it just knocked it out of the fucking hemisphere.  You can download the whole album right now on their bandcamp for $5 so shut the fuck up and give your chump change in exchange for what, in my humble opinion, is bloody brilliant music.
 If you haven't read their interview on this blog then stop doing what you are doing and go read it and then come back here. 

Totally Unicorn - Guts
These guys need little introduction, especially if you reside down under and like music with distorted guitar and a bit of yelling, but for everyone else Totally Unicorn create outrageous, eccentric and mostly sensual heavy post-hardcore specifically for unleashing you and your dad's inner magical animal all for the sake of partying. Guts is as unpredictable as the band's live antics. Its oddball style of partycore are viciously catchy and quite danceable before the quirky time signature changes pulls the rug from under your feet as a reminder that its their party and what they say goes. The final passage of the song is pretty much the party reaching tipping point and crashing in a rambunctious yet glorious manner. Its fun for the whole family. 

Snakes Get Bad Press - No Secret
Ready or not, SGBP unleashes their own brand of negative mathgrind fury right off the bat with little to fault here. Its not often that a band comes along and their most heaviest instrument is the vocals, full of character with a captivating temperament that has a vigorous, emotional and weighted dynamic, like as if he is at this moment in your room yelling right in front of your face. Lets not retract from the rest of the music though for it all rips, blasts and outright smashes its way through with pinpoint precision and a surplus of juicy licks to boot.

Tanned Christ - Provider
You can just feel those opening notes dripping from your speakers, but not in a smooth and sweet honey sort of way, but rather a watch out its going to start hailing sort of way. That's probably the best metaphor i can abuse to describe Tanned Christ, an ongoing hailstorm, which carrying on from that metaphor, hail being ice and ice being clear, the color of the guitar timbre here are so pristine and cold, similar to early Agents Of Abhorrence or even Discordance Axis where the norm of using chunky distortion isn't utilised. Hey, do those vocals sound familiar? They should because it is infact Drew from Totally Unicorn fame in "party at the back but business in the front" mode. Tanned Christ is actually, for lack of a better word, a supergroup with members from both equally gloomy and doomy Making and Narrow Lands (they deserve a review on their own too) but this ain't brooding music here, its constantly and indiscriminately destructive and not even your umbrella is going to save you here.

Jxckxlz - The Madman Is Me
They used to be called Jackals but vowels are for weaklings. Jxckxlz is a sludge/math influenced metalcore band with members that either play or used to play in Kill A Celebrity, Adrift For Days, Lo! and Snakes Get Bad Press. Unlike most bands so far Jackals traverse into more atmospheric endeavors instead of short bursts, flowing and weaving through the motions of chaos, nihilism and reflection manifested by both their maturity and their experience. Besides their well encased craftsmanship is a story told through an autumn state of fury and madness that is expressed from the catharsis of every note, rhythm and roar pulled off so diligently that it surpasses being just a Botch or Gaza worship band, which many have done but with not as much patience or artistry as this.

Their debut Dronepunk was reviewed here before so click on these words to suss it out.

Gvrlls - The Death Of A Bridge
That hum of chromatic and dissonant guitar wailing is a good indication that this is going to be pretty mean and scary. Gvrlls combines essential mathcore with a post hardcore foundation with just a pinch of modern metal sensibilities, particularly the menacing vocals which are really reminiscent of Darkest Hour. It does seem to overrall have a little more accessibility and familiarity unlike other bands on this compilation but it makes it all the more welcoming to their brand of angsty post-math-metalcore and its no doubt a worthy addition here.

ACHE - Sorry...
As an antithesis to bands with metallic tones like Tanned Christ, ACHE is not only one of the most heaviest and robust bands on this compilation but its also one of the most appropriate usage of a seven string guitar, and by appropriate I mean actually playing chords on those oversized guitars in an unbelievable act of using kinetic force to move the hand across the neck and applying pressure from your fingers onto the strings alongside the fretboard to create and play other chords besides the dreaded open chord, but I digress, ACHE is what happens when you forge the full fledged barrage of crust punk with the intensity of screamo and you get a refreshing yet outright devastating and melancholic display of scrrrustmo punk (sorry) to come out in a long time. There may not be a whole lot of complexity and odd time signatures happening here compared to other bands but sometimes less says a lot more, and with the hoard of weeping guitars and brutal but heartfelt vocals it is certainly the case here. 

Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Within
Ever come across a band that is exactly what everyone says about their so called superiors or influences except its even more true? Or rather, FGWMWS>DEP. I know, big call, definetly egging on for a shitfight and believe me I love DEP as much as the next mathematician but when a band that has probably has 1/100 of DEP's fanbase create deliciously articulately catchy music thats less bombastic, more grounded and yet full of impossible riffs and rhythm jumping all over the scale/offbeats all which is orchestrated by an intelligent gentleman going postal, settles for just a moment before it strides into an uproarious plight of misplaced glee and madness that sucks us all in to sing along to a choir more contagious than, well, the entirety of Ire Works, then I am prepared for any shitfights to come.

In Trenches - An Impending Collapse
I have to admit I felt like this band has fallen off the radar and I wasn't too sure if they were still around or not. Turns out they are still kicking it and just as well because this is a fine slab of rage that is certain to ignite even the most apathetic crowd. A bit more Rise And Fall/Cursed sludge hardcore influence than from the rest of the pack, its has an abundance of terrific riffs and plenty of variety and progression throughout the track with a good handful of mosh-friendly moments that doesn't overstay its welcome or seem out of place. Don't let the fact that this has one of the ex-members of I Killed The Prom Queen (that could have changed though its been a while) deter you from skipping this track, you'd be mad to do so.

Thorax - Shit Chute To Oblivion
Something a little different, which for this compilation is saying quite a bit. First off being the first band with a female vocalist present on this compilation, which brings a unique yet fitting shade of raw and fierce energy to lead on this peculiar style of mid paced psychedelic hardcore, yes it does seem to be a thing. Half vintage doom rock and hald rough as guts hardcore with a lot of infectious groovy parts in between some quite spacious moments scattered in and out which makes for a lot of interesting guitarwork to traverse around the pummeling drums. Its the longest track on this entire compilation but its also a track that stands out with its unique juxtapose of different heavy music styles.

Régresser - A Black Cloud
Régresser are a band from Newcastle, so naturally you can assume the band is comprised entirely of surfers. Hobbies aside, régresser play party friendly hardcore, tinged with the sort of mathy noise rock Daughters were peddling prior to their untimely demise. Inventive song writing complimented nicely by diverse vocals and some impressive musicianship all round. Not bad for a bunch of surfers.

FVCK MOUNTAIN - The Guilty Thirty Eight
FVCK MOUNTAIN actually have a really hard to pronounce name (though it's an excellent Arrested Development reference - JK), so to keep things simple, just pronounce it like 'fuck'. Anyway, these Brisbanites play some mighty mean hardcore, coated in the crusty, sludgy goodness that Cursed was bringing to the table back in the day. Neat, downtuned tunes for the Deathwish Inc. generation. Did I mention they're from Brisbane? I'm from Brisbane too. There ya go.

(Edit: the Arrested Development reference went way over my head. For shame)

Parents - Dissent
Parents are the worst kind of Australians - they're New Zealanders. Despite the questionable citizenship status, the mathcore influenced skrimz these guys play is both refreshing and sonically jarring. While it's definitely throwing back to the genre genre's heyday in the 90s, Parents play their music with a technical ferocity and poilished sheen that sets them aside from the rest of the screamo revivalists. If you like your chaotic music offset with the odd post-rock/hardcore interlude and aren't afraid of a few odd tempos here and there, give Parents a look. 

Graves - Insect
Graves are New Zealanders too, and like Parents, I think it'd be totally okay if Australia appropriated them and raised them as their own (like any other NZ musician, really). Graves, however, are more concerned with utterly annihilating your ear cavity and punching any notion of melody or refrain in its stupid little stomach. It's full throttle metalcore, a la early 2000s Converge, with an emphasis on brevity and dissonance. Short, sweet and loud. 

Marathon - In Shadows
Another Brisbane band that deserves way more attention than they get is Marathon. One of the few bands that can pull of 'noodly' without infuriating me, Marathon's music is a maelstrom of furious riffage, imbued with emotion and decorated very nicely with gnarly, throat shredding vocals. Modern screamo done right. I should also mention they've just put out a new full length, so you should probably go look at that

Ritual Harm - When Day Fades to Night and Push Becomes Shove
And now for something a little different. Imagine emotional hardcore run through the grim styling of death metal, crust and just a smidgeon of black metal, and you'll have a pretty good indication of what Ritual Harm sound like. It's absolutely pummeling stuff that kinda sounds like it belongs on A389 with Full Of Hell. Interesting factoid: I've seen these guys live, and they play in the dark - with candles! How cool is that.

Machina Genova - Courtaud
And you thought the most exciting thing in Canberra was the roundabouts, tsk tsk. I've seen a lot of praise heaped on Machina Genova in the past 12 months, and you know what - they kinda deserve it. These dudes play some of the most caustic stuff to ever come out of Australia, let alone it's second most boring city (you suck Adelaide). This is metallic hardcore at it's frantic, chaotic  best - I can basically see the guys in the band frothing at the mouth when they play it. Blistering tunes that you should check out as soon as you've finished reading this review.

So there you have it. Now go download it. We know how much you like free music.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Nearly Dead - Self Titled

'Nearly Dead'
Nearly Dead

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Brainbombs, No Balls, Unsane, Big Black

So I have to say I was enthralled, tantalized and just a little bit disturbed when I received a submission from a band claiming to be an 'elderly themed Brainbombs tribute act'. Not surprisingly, Nearly Dead delivered on the promise and I was treated to one heckuva noise rock album. You've got all the staples of Sweden's scuzziest noisemongers - the obscene, spoken-word style lyrics, plodding guitar riffs and the sleaziest, discordant  trumpet accompaniment anyone could possibly hope for. Nearly Dead also add their own few touches to the mix, with a distinctly heavier and bassier tone to their Swedish counterparts, and the sort of guitar tone Steve Albini has wet dreams about. And while a lot of the songs on this album are based on repeating riffs, the (presumably) improvised trumpet 'solos' and noisy guitar interludes prevent things from entering monotonous territory.
Elderly-themed novelty aside, this is an absolutely killer album, and while it most certainly wears its influences on its sleeves, it wears them bloody well.

1. Hey Nurse
2. Organs
3. Cialis
4. Oxycodone
5. Feeding
6. Pedal Error
7. Picnic Shooting Suspect Arraigned On Murder Charge
8. Geriatric Epic
9. Zopiclone
10. Cosby Sweater
11. Shit In A Bag
12. Dementia Rage


Wednesday 16 April 2014

NOISE MEGAPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO I'm going to do something a little different just to spice things up a little and post a bunch of links to some noise projects I've uncovered, collaborated with or just straight up dig. It's a little self indulgent, it's a bit of self promotion - but hey, it's also a bunch of cool peeps making an unholy racket and a bunch of cool peeps you should check out.

Various Artists // Antifascism Is Self Defence
Okay, I'm gonna get the semi self promotion stuff part out of the way first. This comp was a response to the recent spate of violence, propagated by neo-nazis in Sweden. Myself (Aural Bile) and 11 other artists on here, and it's basically a big fuck you to all those neo-nazis making trouble over there.
All kinds of noise, harsh and otherwise - for FREE
Also if you do wish to pay, all proceeds will be going to Researchgruppen, who are a group of Swedish journalists dedicated to exposing and uprooting Nazis.


Poète Maudit // The Conqueror Worm
This actually just dropped this morning, so it's officially the newest thing I've ever had up on this site (there ya go). This is essentially manipulations of field recordings of an orchestra warming up and various audience noises. Kinda eerie, very atmospheric and pretty darn cool. In addition to this, there are plenty of other releases to consume and enjoy, mostly field recording/drone/atmospheric pieces, with a few other styles in there too.
The guy behind Poète Maudit is a noisepal, and I plan on releasing a split in the near future, but in the meantime, check out the bandcamp.


Prayed From The Bottom Of Her Heart // Gigyas
Gigyas is the noise/experimental project group from co-bloggers Jerry and Luke (who are also in a shit-tonne of other bands and projects which can be found here, here and here). I was meant to review this ages ago but then they went ahead and started writing for the blog, so I kinda couldn't.
ANYWAY, this is some ambient stuff with some insidious undertones and some noisy screechy interludes. I believe this release was recorded with a hammond organ that was found on the side of the road, which is pretty cool in its own right.


いやらしい // Ikari
Ikari is the solo project of my fellow Limb Torture co-conspirator, Cody. This is some intense shit - pretty much full on power electronics by way of whacky Japanoise (i.e Masonna, Government Alpha and Incapacitants).
いやらしい (Odious for all you non-weebs out there)is the only release as of yet, but expect more releases and splits in the near-ish future.
All the hail the raw power of the TROG


The Innocent // Fit For A Funeral
Rush has a ridiculous amount of projects under his belt at the moment, all of which are pretty neat - and he also writes for this blog occasionally.
FFAF is a noise project I've collaborated with on numerous times, and it's one that can be summed up in one word - ow.
This is some of the most devastating, feedback abuse since Prurients mic/amp temper tantrums and the deliberate and malicious nature in which it's thrown at you makes it even better. Listen at your own risk (and also because I said so)


And while I'm at it, here's some more cool stuff for you to check out
MALUM - gritty power electronics/noise. Very dense, textural stuff.
CROPSEY - tape loops. delay and sometimes noise grind. Multi-faceted and well rounded noise.
NAHASH ATRYM PRODUCTIONS - total texture worship. A few different projects, but mostly centered around HNW and drone
OHNE - HNW violence from Germany. The dude behind this and the dude behind Carrion Sunflower are working on a PE project together. Get excited.
COMA BERENCIES - unsettling sound experimentation from Greece. Post punk/power electronics/field recordings
PURULENT SOUNDS - It can't hurt to plug my own stuff again, right?

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Falter - Cassingle


(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Hardcore
For Fans Of: Full Of Hell, Children Of God, Psychic Limb, Left For Dead

I'd actually given these dudes a listen prior to receiving their submission, which was pretty cool, giving that I dug what I heard (on that note, go check out their full length Descent). I digress however...
Falter are a vicious, noisy hardcore band straight outta Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'd say their music is part metallic hardcore in the vein of Left for Dead/Gehenna/Race Traitor mixed with the newer wave of dark hardcore that's been coming out of the states in recent years. There's some definite grind and powerviolence influence in the music, but the band label themselves is such, which I think is really refreshing given every other band (and their dog) are doing as such.
This here is a two song cassette the band released earlier this year. Unfortunately the cassette has sold out, but it (and heaps of other nifty releases) up up for grabs on the bandcamp.
Did I mention that also cover one of my favourite Crossed Out songs on this?

1. Two Spirit/Pure Delusion


Dazzling Killmen - The Face Of Collapse

'The Face Of Collapse'
Dazzling Killmen

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Math Rock, Noise Rock, Post Hardcore
For Fans Of: The Jesus Lizard, Laddio Bolocko, Dillinger Escape Plan, Oxbow, Unwound

So you like your angular post hardcore ey? You've been listening to Unwound and Polvo and Drive Like Jehu, but it's lacking something? It's just not vicious enough? You want something a little heavier?
Well check this out...

Dazzling Killmen were from St. Louis and were active around 1990 - 1995. During that time they built upon the emerging post hardcore genre that was gaining popularity at that time - with elements of jazz, noise rock and metal in their compositions. While other bands had been, and were doing this at the time, Dazzling Killmen emerged as one of the more intense, urgent and violent acts, with a sound that's essentially the missing link between mathcore with math rock.
From start to finish, The Face Of Collapse just throws irregular time signatures at you - each new track is one weird new roller coaster of stops and starts, punctuated by syncopated drumming and jazzy fills. Meanwhile the guitar's pretty happy to do it's own things, plenty of chords you've never heard of before and grating dissonance, accompanied by some overzealous bass lines. Vocally I'd compare it to some of the stuff Steve Albini's done in his bands, but a little more gruff and aggressive.
These guys are highly underrated in my humble opinion - they've been overlooked in favour of some of the more accessible noise rock bands of the mid 90s (no discredit to those bands, of course), which is a pity because they bring so much to the table. If you like your post hardcore a little unpredictable, dissonant as hell and a little scary - here ya go.

1. Staring Contest
2. Bone Fragments
3. My Lacerations
4. Blown (Face Down)
5. Windshear
6. Painless One
7. In the Face of Collapse
8. Agitator


Bustmonster - DISCOGRAPHY

1992, 1993

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Harsh Noise, Noise, Free Improvisation, Noise Rock, Japanoise
For Fans Of: Hijokaidan, Flying Testicle, White Suns, Hair Police, C.C.C.C

Bustmonster was a short lived noise supergroup from Japan that operated very sporadically between the years of 1991 to 1994. Formed by Mr. Merzbow himself, Masami Akita, the group featured members of Solmania, Incapacitants, C.C.C.C and had Takushi Yamazaki (Masonna) on vocals. Bustmonsters began as a conceptual death metal band - as in Masami Akita wished to play death metal, but he and his consort lacked the technical ability to do so. Essentially Bustmonster was a free improv band, focused mainly with battering listeners senseless with their twisted version of rock and roll. No melody, no verse, chorus, refrain or anything bordering on music - it's just pure atonal bliss.
Now I've said that this this is their discography, and what that means is that there are the only two releases they put out, a four track 7" and a split with Xper Xr (which is an awesome Whitehouse cover/medley/pardoy). So enjoy the five tracks that Bustmonster manage to put out. Also there's a cool live video on youtube, go watch that.

Weedhead E.P. - 1992
1. Weedhead
2. Super
3. Anal Persuasion
4. Anal Cravings

Split w. Xper Xr - 1993
1. Whitehouse


Brainbombs - DISCOGRAPHY

1989 - 2013

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Punk
For Fans Of: Rectal Hygienics, Whitehouse, No Balls, Flipper, No Trend

Chances are that if you frequent this blog, you probably know who Brainbombs are - the Swedish band have been around just shy of three decades now, and in that time they've unleashed some of the dirtiest, rawest and most offensive music to ever grace our planet. On all of their recordings, Brainbombs utilise the classic rock band format of guitar, bass, drums and vocals (plus the occasional trumpet) to churn out writhing masses of poorly tuned power chords, feedback, spoken word rants that form sloppily put together tracks that drag themselves across the floor like someone who's just had an axe buried in their back. Usually confined to one riff per song and repeated verses, the band don't flesh out their tracks in the traditional manner, rather they let them get louder, less coherent and more unhinged - until you're just left with this orgiastic chorus of poorly played instruments grinding together in metallic discord.
The main draw for Brainbombs is the lyrical content, and rightly so. Influenced by Whitehouse's extremely transgressive lyrics, and the writings of crime author, and super creep Peter Sotos, the band pretty much break every taboo possible - rape, murder, pedophilia, sodomy, fetishism, sexual deviancy - the list goes on. All of these themes are presented in simplistic, yet vivid passages delivered in vocalist Peter Råberg's heavily accented drawl.
I've always seen Brainmbombs as the embodiment of the punk stereotype - they're loud, offensive, and can't play their instruments - they're pretty much the antithesis of the musical establishment and unlike many other bands out there, you can tell zero effort went into achieving this. Brainbombs pretty much exist to shit on musical norms, piss people off and explore the dark side of the human psyche in the most degrading, atonal way possible.

This includes their six studio albums, one live album and two compilations containing their singles/EPS/7''s etc etc

Burning Hell - 1992
1. Burning Hell
2. Danny Was A Streetwhore
3. Sadist Action
4. Pleasures And Dreams
5. After Acid
6. Wishing A Slow Death
7. Tired And Bloody
8. Do What's Right
9. Urge To Kill
10. X!?+ +...

Genius and Brutality/Taste The Power - 1994
1. Angels Crawling
2. Graveyard Kitchen
3. My Place
4. Right Side Of Hell
5. The Whore
6. Who Can You Trust
7. Fuckmurder
8. Wash In Blood
9. Queen Of Necrophiles

Obey - 1996
1. Kill Them All
2. Die You Fuck
3. Anal Desire
4. Lipstick On My Dick
5. Drive Around
6. To Hurt
7. Obey
8. Fuckmeat

Urge To Kill - 1998 
1. Slayer
2. Slutmaster
3. Salome
4. Ass Fucking Murder
5. Maybe
6. Down In The Gutter
7. Stupid And Weak
8. Driving Through Leeds
9. Filthy Fuck

Fucking Mess - 2008 
1. It's A Fucking Mess
2. Behind A Tree
3. Stinking Cocks
4. Stalker
5. Ooh What A Feeling
6. Skinned Alive
7. Turn To Shit

Disposal Of A Dead Body - 2013
1. Libera Me Domine
2. Don't Go Near The River
3. How To Make An Ordinary Man Sick
4. I.N.R.I.
5. I Am Sorry
6. Fuck You All
7. Nowhere
8. Kill Them All
9. The Leatherboy
10. Agony
11. In My Garden
12. The Saviour
13. Prepared
14. Jealous
15. Into The Darkness
16. The Butcher
17. Jealousy
18. True Master
19. Better Rule In Hell
20. Picking Flowers
21. The Clown
22. Clean Up The Mess
23. I Woke Up This Morning
24. What A Feeling

Live At Smålands Nation, Lund, Sweden, May 29 1993
1. Stormy Blast Of Hell
2. Jack The Ripper Lover
3. Burning Hell
4. Danny Was A Streetwhore
5. Wishing A Slow Death
6. Tired And Bloody
7. Urge To Kill
8. Anne Frank
9. No Guilt
10. Stacy
11. No Place

Singles Compilation 1
1. Jack The Ripper Lover
2. No End
3. Anne Frank
4. No Guilt
5. No Place
6. No Guilt
7. Wishing A Slow Death
8. Stacy
9. It's A Burning Hell
10. Second Coming
11. Psychout Crash Kid
12. I Detta Satans Rum

1. Macht
2. B.L.E.E.D.
3. Stigma Of The Ripper
4. Street Cleaner
5. The Grinder
6. Mommy Said
7. I Need Speed
8. End Up Dead
9. Stinking Memory
10. Insects
11. Stacy
12. Tired And Bloody
13. Danny Was A Streetwhore
14. Urge To Kill
15. Untitled

Black Pines - Harsh Out

'Harsh Out'
Black Pines

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Noise, Drone, Experimental
For Fans Of: No Anchor, Dreamdecay, Planning For Burial, Skullflower

Black Pines are a duo consisting of ex-No Anchor lungsman/bass player Ian Rogers and The Rational Academy main-man Benjamin Thompson. While Ian has defected to Melbourne for the foreseeable future, and despite the considerable distance between Melbourne and Brisbane, it would appear the two have made short work of that setback and produced and utter gem of an album. Using two guitars to create harsh droning soundscapes, Black Pines play psychedelic noise for those of you who like to dabble in less melodic end of shoegaze and drone. There's a constant array of new tones and sounds being thrown at you at any given time, with no beat or standard song structure in sight - for the most part is heavily processed feedback and very minimal guitar playing. It's uneasy listening at times, atmospheric and almost elating at others, but ultimately 'Harsh Out's' sonic intensity will probably win over any one who's a fan of very loud noises entering their ear canals.
Suss it below - and while you're at it, check out the rest of the Wood and Wire catalogue, there's a plethora of eperimental releases on there to sink your teeth into.

1. Buried Sun
2. Omens
3. W69
4. Die Out
5. Two Years
6. Sacher Masoch


Monday 14 April 2014

Distorted Pony - Punishment Room

'Punishment Room'
Distorted Pony

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Big Black, Cherubs, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Hammerhead, Kepone

My first though when I gave this album a listen was that Distorted Pony sounded a heckuva lot like Big Black, maybe just with a thicker, heavier sound and an actual drummer; so it came as no surprise when I found out this album was engineered by Steve Albini (nerd, pundit and the guy from Big Black). Back story aside, Distorted Pony are a criminally underrated entry into the wonderful world of 90s noise rock. They're as muddy and dissonant as any band on the AmRep roster, with urgent post hardcore guitar lines to break the brutality of the album into something a little more palatable. Interestingly enough the drums sound like they might as well have been lifted from a machine - the mechanical quality in which they're presented gives this album a real nasty, industrial vibe.And if you enjoy your vocals buried in the mix, distorted (pony) and  warbled - than your in luck too, because there's plenty of that going around on here too; they're essentially the bubbles rising out of the thick goop that is the fuzzy, metallic miasma of 'Punishment Room'.
Hey also this bonus CD version, so it comes with the 'Work Makes Freedom' EP, which actually does have a drum machine instead of a human - so there ya go.

1. HOD
2. Death in the Turnstile
3. God's List
4. Splinter
5. Krank
6. Gut Bug
7. Castration Anxiety
8. Powerless
9. Plague Bed
10. Down Where The Dirt Collects

Work Makes Freedom EP
11. Fee Schedule
12. Sinner's Prayer 
13. Forensic Interest
14. Blare
15. Pillar of Salt


MALLEVS - Mallevs


(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Darkwave, Industrial, Experimental, Synth
For Fans Of: Tollund Men, Vatican Shadow, Marshstepper, Christian Cosmos, Mutant Video

Continuing with bands with names in ALL CAPS - I present you - MALLEVS (that's pronounced MALL-E-US by the way), a synth driven industrial/darkwave band from Arizona. Much like the punk and hardcore coming out Arizona lately, the trio make dark, noisy music that eschews the blunt force trauma of the aforementioned genres in favour of a more sleek, sinister vibe. 
Influenced by film soundtracks and DIY electronic tapes of the 80s, MALLEVS incorporates two synthesizers, a drum machine and deadpan vocal delivery (both male and female) to create droning slow burners, oozing with retro charm and unsettling ambience. The band's decidedly lo-fi, distorted quality lends this release a much more gritty, urban aura that to me recalls a version of New York you'd expect to see in a John Carpenter flick or on a sleazy VHS, and it's exactly the sort of thing I want popping into my head whenever I listen to any sort of electronic music. It's minimalistic but in a way that includes layers of grimy synth grating against each other in an impeccably structured manner.
If you're looking for the aural equivalent of Blade Runner, or a slightly psychadelic journey into the realm of industrial and darkwave - look no further. Arizona has done it again.

1. New Life
2. Grave
3. In The Dark
4. No Space
5. Stages
6. Psychic Lines



(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Blackened Punk, Black Metal
For Fans Of: Sump, Bone Awl, Raspberry Bulbs, Marching Church

NAAMAHK (I think its meant to be in caps) are a rowdy blackened punk band out of Canada, with members of Snake Charmer and Burn Victim within their ranks. Now every man and their beat up drum kit and shitty guitar are starting blacked punk bands, which isn't actually a bad thing at all - there's just a somewhat limited and dare I say homogenized sound that's become the genre's staple.
NAAMAHK's debut genre however has taken upon the trademark sound of blackened punk and kicked it in the teeth, yanked out some hair and given it a fair smack on the rump. It's aggressive, but at the same time a lot more abstract than your average raw black metal release. The guitar seems to have wandered in from a noise rock or post punk band gig, and while it seems to pick up the pace every now and then, it seems pretty content to hammer out some weird twangs and attonal screeches every now and then. The vocals are coated in a glossy sheen of reverb (of course) but they reach some manic, demented highs you don't generally get with these sorts of releases.
All in all it's a solid 12:37 of weirdo punk influenced black metal, and it's super cool seeing more and more noise rock/post punk etc etc influences creeping into a genre that's dominated by tremolo picking and blast beats. Suss out the demo below.

2. C.I.I.H


Sunday 6 April 2014

Scapa Flow - Coercion/Control

Scapa Flow

(Band Submission)

Review by Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Industrial, Drone, Noise Rock, Experimental
For fans of: Godflesh, Author And Punisher, The Grey Wolves, Child Brides, Pig Heart Transplant

A single and drawn out distorted howl drowns in an act of self infliction with layers of bulky stomps and a twitching screech that crawl under its own skin till eventually it erodes inside out and slowly collapses. That is how the first track 'Regression' kicks off Coercion/Control, an EP by Scapa Flow and from the get go its not going to be a tranquil listen.

Touching on all sides of the dark and industrial noise spectrum, the tracks go from essential industrial with abrasive ballads with ominous melodies floating around, grounded by an iron staked beat while a single soul screams trys to emerge to the top as he slowly descents into a bottomless pit, to more abstract explorations into either the atmospheric and haunting or ofttimes even abusive nightmares. Wherever this takes you, its no doubt a well constructed and intrinsic release. There is always something happening, even in the more quiet and droney sections there is a constant yet manic flow with all the textures and sounds that are employed here seldom laying rest on a single monotonous idea.

The last song 'Cries For Help Replied With Silence', which is a fitting analogy to coincide with the vocals, ends exactly as it starts, brooding and hopeless. If you like your feelings just like your cuppa, black, then let this take, or rather, drag you to a wonderful world of depression and misery. 

Oh yeah by the way there are at least 3 other bands caned Scapa Flow (thanks and none of them seem to have this particular artist. Someone should go fix that. I am too sad to do it.


1. Regression
2. Savages
3. Dead Reflections
4. Isolation
5. Extinction Will be Swift
6. Illusion Of Progress
7. Cries For Help Replied With Silence


Thursday 3 April 2014

Stick Men With Ray Guns - Some People Deserve To Suffer

'Some People Deserve To Suffer'
Stick Men With Ray Guns
1981 - 1988

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Punk, Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Flipper, Kilslug, Feedtime, Stretchheads

'In the beginning, the lord created the Earth and the seas - but on the seventh day he rested his prick in Satan's butt'
Officially the greatest line ever put to tape and also the opening to this compilation of recordings by Texan band Stick Men With Ray Guns. SMWRG were a bunch of weirdos kicking it between 1981 and 1988 who made some of the most apathetic, crude and scummiest noise punk of the decade. While they were still a band, their music was pretty much overshadowed by vocalist Bobby Soxx's on and off stage antics (he was found of inserting microphones into his butthole and starting fights and spent time in both prison and mental insitutions), but honestly I wouldn't expect any less from a band who sounds like this. With some almost post-punk worthy dissonant guitar playing, thick, tasty bass lines and Soxx's demented vocals on top, SMWRG's take on punk was both a hackneyed attempt at rock and roll and an even sloppier version of punk. Bobby Soxx may have died of alcohol intoxication, but SMWRG's few studio recordings and a slew of live recordings are compiled for your listening displeasure right here. Get rowdy and piss on yer neighbours.

1. Christian Rat Attack
2. Grave City
3. What Am I?
4. Have I Got A God For You! Pt. 1
5. Satan Baby
6. Scavenger Of Death
7. Kill The Innocent
8. I'll Kill Mother
9. I Am The One!
10. Buttfuckers (Try To Run My Life!)
11. 1000 Lives (To Die)
12. Enemy Enemy
13. Have I Got A God For You! Pt. 2
14. Nazi Cowboys (On Welfare)
15. Hate In The 80's (Learn To)
16. Swastikas For Christ
17. I'd Rather Throw Up Than Grow Up
18. Pee Pee In The Disco Mommy (I Gotta)
19. Hymn For The Fallen Angel
20. Twin Toed Double Down Son Of The Devil
21. Have I Got A God For You! (Reprise)
22. Grave City
23. Baby Now!


Slum Killer - Self Titled

'Slum Killer'
Slum Killer

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise, Experimental, Electronic
For Fans Of: Fuck Buttons,HEALTH, Burial Hex, (newer) Prurient, Pharmakon, SALEM,

'Happy noise' - it's not really a widely regarded term (or regarded at all), but I thinks it's a pretty adequate for groups/projects such as Fuck Buttons, Black Pus and Black Dice. Bands who've been approaching music from a decidedly 'noisy' angle, while eschewing the usual negative themes associated with the genre and opting for a more electronic sound and even a 'dancier' vibe. Enter Slum Killer, a solo project that's primarily electronic/synth based but with a definite nod to noise and industrial.
 Opening track 'Meth Mouth' sounds a bit like Pharmakon playing a nightclub gig - with super harsh vocals accompanying a sleek synth line and distorted, bass heavy beat. 'Claw Hammer' is another track that sounds like you could almost hear it playing in a club, though this club would have to be situated in close proximity to a sheet metal factory, with the harsh metallic drones that fade in and out of the mix. The EP closes with 'Low, a chirpy, euphoric tune with some borderline chiptune-y undercurrents.
 My favourite thing about this EP would have to be the fact that I can see a whole range of influences coming into to form something that's familiar, but at the same time vague and new. I'd love to hear some harsher stuff from Slum Killer, but at the same time I'd be totally okay with the happier, electronic stuff. All in all, a solid three track release and a good all rounder.

1. Meth Mouth
2. Claw Hammer
3. Low


Power Monster - Nth Degree

'Nth Degree'
Power Monster

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Harsh Noise
For Fans Of: Guilty Connector, Black Leather Jesus, Yellow Tears, Werewolf Jerusalem

Sitting comfortably within the realm of normal ole' harsh noise and straight up MONOLITHIC harsh noise wall is Power Monster, a solo project from Alexandra Pharmakidis. While certainly possessing the the density and brutality of a HNW release, Nth Degree throws in subtle changes in texture and dynamics, that weave in and out of the monstrous walls of heavily distorted static. Power Monster really are on of those noise projects that completely forgo any aspect of ambiance or atmosphere - there's no buffer zone, no chance for preparation between the time you press 'play' and when the noise hits. It's loud, it's harsh as heck and I think it's really neat. Download it below - and while you're at it, check out Alexandra's/Power Monster's soundcloud.

1. Enmity
2. Entropy
3. End