Monday 16 July 2018


Primary Pulse

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Industrial, Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Noise
For Fans Of:  Factrix, Gilles Des Rais, (early) Clair Obscur, Haus Arafna

This was (not surprisingly) my most anticipated release this year. And (also not surprisingly) it's fucking phenomenal. Konagaya Jun is truly an unstoppable force when it comes to well-crafted industrial, and even after over three decades, he has yet to put out a single dud under the Grim moniker, or with any other project (White Hospital, his solo work, etc).

What sets Primary Pulse apart from most of Grim's more recent releases is that it's somewhat of a return to form which calls back to the harsher synth/electronics driven material on the earlier releases such as Folk Music, Amaterasu, and Vital 1983-86. Sure, the project's core sound has stayed the same throughout the years, but with time there has been some movement away from the primarily harsh, primitive synth and electronics driven compositions which were prevalent throughout his 80s output. Each track on this tape is an overwhelming nightmare of bleak soundscapes, obscured samples, terrifying screams and howls, abrasive arcs of screeching noise, and pulsing repetition. And, of course, all of this is juxtaposed with uncomfortably serene melodies which are just as (if not arguably more) haunting than the crushing cacophonies which they sit in between. Like all of Grim's work, the uncomfortable silence following the final track hangs heavy in the air around the listener, and that moment is as beautiful as it is unnerving, which is the very essence of Grim.

Do not sleep on this, it is some of the most sublime and wretched noise you'll hear this year.
Trapdoor Tapes still has copies left, so get a copy while you still can!

1. Hermit
2. Volcano Flower
3. Assassin's Room
4. Melting Man
5. G.T.R.